Two Quarantined Days in My Life

at Zoom University

Like most, if not all, college students in the world right now, I am finishing my semester online.

Even though I don’t step out of my house, every day at Zoom University during quarantine is different. I wanted to share a tentative Tuesday/Thursday and Monday/Wednesday in my life while attending online school.


Miscellaneous Details:

  • Class(es) I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays: Studio 6 (commercial design)
  • Podcast episode mentioned: The beautiful world of thought spirals
  • I always listen to music to start my day
  • Experiencing a coloration issue with my under arms so ignore any darkness
  • Outfit: watch Final Outfits of the Week
  • Listened to Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa while cleaning up
  • Used Canva, PicsArt, and Procreate to make graphic for podcast (admittedly, this particular graphic isn’t my best work)
  • Put jojoba oil on my scalp (helps with super dry scalp)
  • Question from Q&A journal: Who do you feel closest to?
  • Songs used: “Know Better (Prod. Pr Logic)” by Tray Jack and “Soul” by DJ Quad (both on Soundcloud)


Miscellaneous Details:

  • Class(es) I have on Mondays/Wednesdays: Lighting, Professional Practices in Interior Design, and Layout & Production (my favorite class, even though I bombed my presentation)
  • My fish doesn’t normally eat when I’m around (don’t know why), so him eating in front of me and a camera was a big deal; I had to document it.
  • I don’t normally take Advil when I wake up in the morning, but I had a lingering headache from the night before.
  • Playlist I listened to that morning: recs (from readers) by yuenwrites
  • Outfit: jumpsuit = Old Navy * bralette = PINK * earrings = from grandma
  • Love Carnation Breakfast Essential Drinks (in Vanilla) when I have busy days
  • Used to make graphics (for both school projects and personal use): Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Procreate
  • Used to make mood/schematic concept boards for class: Canva
  • Podcast episode: Branding & its challenges
  • Question from Q&A journal: What was the last take-out meal you ordered?
  • Song used: “Happy Life” by Fredji (found on Soundcloud)

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my quarantined college life. Even when I’m attending class virtually, I’m still a mess.

With each day that passes, I get more curious about what people’s daily routines look like now that we’re all at home.

Be you. Be true. Make smart decisions.

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