How to Have Your Own Music Festival

While Being Quarantined

It’s music festival season, but thanks to Corona Chaos, all festivals are either postponed or cancelled.

Even though I wasn’t going to any music festivals, I decided to throw a mini music festival with myself, and here’s (kind of) how I did it:

Minor Details

When it comes to music festivals, most people tend to focus on the music and the outfits. If the lineup is good, they will go to the festival to show off the outfits they worked so hard to put together.

Before we get into the music and festival fashion, there are still some minor details that need to be thought about when putting together a music festival, especially one that is at home.

  • Food: The beautiful thing about having a festival at home with yourself is not overpaying for food that tends to be mediocre. Instead, you can get something from your kitchen or include some of your favorite junk foods/cheat day foods in your next grocery trip. Some festivals do have salads and vegan foods, especially since veganism is becoming more popular. However, I’m the girl who will go straight for the pizza and hot dogs. For my festival, I warmed up some Orville, extra butter popcorn in the microwave. I ate a couple of pieces of leftover pizza and drank some Minute Maid fruit punch from the single serving bottles. I’m not sure how many times I will repeat this, but the beautiful thing about creating your own festival is doing whatever you want, including eating whatever you want.
  • Location: Most, if not all, music festivals are outside. I recommend mid-morning when it’s not cold, but it’s not at the hottest point of the day (which tends to be around 3 pm). Some music festivals have campgrounds, so you could set your tent up in the backyard and have your festival. The SJ Quarantine Festival (that’s the name I have given my social distancing festival) was held inside because I have horrific seasonal allergies. I could go outside for five minutes and constantly sneeze with itchy eyes for the next twenty-four hours. Yeah, it’s bad.
  • Friends: This is something I didn’t think about until my festival was over. If your friends are down, Facetime/video chat with them, and you could have a #AloneTogether Quarantine Festival. Just make sure you have a charger on hand because most video chatting programs kill your battery, especially if you’re going to be going at it for a few hours.
  • Celebrities: From my understanding, there tend to be celebrity sightings at music festivals. You could print out pictures of your favorite celebrities and hang them up in different places around your festival location. I placed my copy of TIME’s “The Next 100 Most Influential People” magazine issue on a table, and I occasionally turned the page to someone new and faked astonishment whenever I saw the picture. It was surprisingly really fun.
  • The Ferris Wheel & others: There tend to be other activities besides music at music festivals, such as a Ferris wheel. Most festivals have a Ferris wheel or some version of one. I had no idea how I could replicate being on a Ferris wheel in my home. Instead, I focused on the smaller activities they have sometimes. I remember an acquaintance of mine telling me there was a comedian at a music festival he attended, so with that in mind, I watched Deon Cole’s Netflix special and deemed that as my other source of entertainment.


I didn’t taken any pictures of the two outfits I wore because my lip looks very busted. Long story short: I accidentally punched myself in the mouth in my sleep while dealing with a fever blister. Now the fever blister is making a comeback.

Since I didn’t take any pictures of my outfits, I found some outfits I liked from previous music festivals (Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza) to share with you for some outfit inspo.

Festival fashion trends I like:

  • Matching sets (such as the neon two-piece, denim-on-denim)
  • Cropped tops with flowy skirts
  • Intricate patterns and detailing
  • Stacked jewelry (but not too much jewelry)
  • Hats (not for me, but they look really good on the right person)

For festival fashion, I am all about showing skin but not to much skin and not in a risky way, like the outfits where people have their entire butt out for the world to see.


My favorite thing about this being a solo/at-home festival is you can listen to whatever kind of music you want. I feel like at music festivals, some people only have a good time if it’s their favorite artist performing. Yes, it is a good opportunity to discover new music, but people also get upset when they have to wait forever to hear someone they like while listening to an artist they don’t vibe with.

I tried to have a couple of different vibes for my festival, between slow jams and upbeat bops. My music ranges from WILLOW and The Weeknd to AJR and Galantis. Below, you will find the official lineup/playlist for the SJ Quarantine Festival (I tried to group the songs on the playlist by the artist):

If you’ve reached peak boredom during this quarantine season, I hope you are inspired to create your own version of a music festival with all of your favorite artists.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that events like these got cancelled, but I think it’s important for us to create our own fun; it’ll bring some much needed joy and positivity into our lives.

Be you. Be true. Make smart decisions.

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