i graduate one year from today… AAAHHH

May 6, 2020

After a rough morning and many shed tears (thanks to finals week and my poor choice in major, which we’ve discussed many times), I had a realization.

I graduate from college one year from today.

Yep, May 6, 2021.

Am I ready to graduate and be loaded with bills and financial responsibilities? Nope.

To cope with the realization that time is going by fast and I’ll have to start fully adulting soon, I did what I do best. I turned on a camera and talked it out.

I am both ready and scared to grow up, but more than anything, I am ready to be done with college. The friends and the memories and self-growth and life lessons were amazing, but the debt and academic troubles and weight on my mental health were absolutely awful.

Am I ready for May 6, 2021? Yes… and no.

Be you. Be true. Make smart decisions.

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