To My New Yellow Soul

To My New Yellow Soul:

You came at a time when I least expected it. I was literally in the middle of celebrating two birthdays, incredibly focused on honoring two wonderful people, and you ended up being the greatest gift that weekend.

Years ago, I said I wanted a Soul, and here we are. I was going to settle for a Ford Fusion because of the discount I could get through my grandmother, but I ended up getting my dream car on April 18, 2020.

One of the most beautiful things about getting you is not having a cosigner and providing relief to everyone who used to drive me around.

I get to hang out with my friends more, and if I’m about to go crazy, I can just drive away and ease my mind, calm my emotions.

People call you names like Banana, Bus, Ole Yeller, but I named you Bean.

No one will understand why I named you Bean, so I’m going to explain.

I wanted your name to honor the late, great Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. After doing some research, I found out Kobe’s middle name is Bean.

Plus, not only is yellow my favorite color, but it is also one of the colors of the LA Lakers, a team Kobe was committed to.

Though you are named after a legend, I still wanted to personalize you and make you mine. I bought a few necessary decorations from Etsy and personalized you without going overboard. I filmed it and everything (don’t mind my busted, still healing lip).

Great gas mileage and a rear view camera were my only criteria for a new car, and you managed to come with so much more. You have the perfect amount of bells and whistles for me.

We’re gonna go on some crazy road trips, run mundane errands, and defend ourselves against the drivers who probably shouldn’t have a license.

You’re beautiful, and after years of praying and hoping for a car, I’m glad I found the perfect one for me.


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