Future Husband Expectations (inspired by Brooke Bush)

This is one of those moments where watching one YouTube video led to watching another YouTube video and so on. Fortunately, I did not end up on the cat video or weird science part of YouTube.

I was watching this video by Brooke Bush (it still trips me out that she lives so close to me):

Then I started scrolling through the comments.

You have to scroll through the comments of any YouTube video you watch, whether it be a movie trailer or DIY video. It’s the unspoken rule of YouTube.

While scrolling through the comments, this video was mentioned a couple of times, so I immediately watched it:

Immediately after watching that video, I decided to create my own video where I share my own hopes and expectations for my future husband (who I like to refer to as my future life partner):

I saw where it worked for Brooke Bush and her sister, so I gave it a shot, late at night when my brain was shutting down.

Maybe putting it into the universe will help (although, I’ve also put it into God’s hands), even though my list is kind of vague.

Now I wait, pray, and continue with life as I’ve been doing.

Be you. Be true. Make smart decisions.

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