To the Girl Who Cares Too Much

To the Girl Who Cares Too Much:

Well, Jamilah, you’re finally writing a letter to yourself. Even though many people may not know it, you are a very caring person. When you look at the other women in your life, caring about others and being selfless runs in your blood.

It’s not that you care too much; it’s that you often care about others more than yourself. After years of being used by all kinds of people, you still put others above yourself, which often puts you in a vulnerable place.

Most of the time, the people you put so much effort into are the people who don’t care about you. You’ve seen it happen at work all the time.

COVID-19 has brought out the most selfless people and the most selfish people. You’ve seen both in action (again, look at your job).

When people don’t reciprocate the feeling or even pretend to care, it hurts your heart. Sometimes it feels like you’re deteriorating from the inside out. You want to not care, but you also can’t help it.

There’s nothing wrong with caring. The world needs more of your love, passion, selfless spirit. However, there’s also nothing wrong with taking care of yourself; you already know that caring for others can be extremely exhausting.

Take time to recuperate and actually practice self care.

You try to treat everyone like they’re important. Now it’s time to do the same for yourself because you are important.


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