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I can’t believe August is more than halfway over, and this is the first thing I’ve been able to get up.

The first half of August was absolutely crazy. If you don’t follow me on instagram (simplyjamilahofficial or meeluh_ ), you should because I tend to write things on there that are bit too short for a blog post. You would know something important happened in my personal life that really messed me up; plus, I post all the updates with my school attendance during this pandemic (#classof2021).

I’m working on other content while trying to get my life back together. I was so broken and motionless for a week, but I’m slowly getting back into the routine of everything, which I think is important with me starting school next week and having a head full of ideas for content.

Enough vagueness about my semi-chaotic life.

For this post, I wanted to reach out to any and all bloggers– those who are new to the game and those who have been going at it for a while.

I would love to post and feature guest articles from different bloggers, and I promise I don’t want anything in return. I enjoy finding new blogs to read and subscribe to, and this is a great way for me, along with many others, to find new blogs to check out!

The article can be new, or it can be something you’ve already posted. There is no specific topic nor length, and the boundaries are nonexistent.

I type this from the bottom of my heart: I just want to post your work with your permission, under your name. There will be a link to your blog and any of your socials that you are willing to share. I’ll even include a mini biography/about section if you would like me too.

If you are interested, or know someone who might find this interesting, definitely email me at simplyjamilah@outlook.com or DM me on instagram @simplyjamilahofficial . I will let you know when your article will be up.

There is no time frame, no limit, no boundaries.

I hope I hear from you.

Be you. Be true.

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