Where WordPress is Lacking

When it comes to videography, I love everything about filming and video editing. I used to have a YouTube channel but quit after the onslaught of toxic energy on the platform and in my life.

However, I didn’t stop making videos. Instead of putting the videos on YouTube, I put them on here.

There’s only one problem with uploading videos on WordPress: you can’t upload a file greater than 128 MB. Every video has to be compressed, which diminishes the quality of the content (we’re talking morphed audio and pixelated footage). It’s very disappointing because the more I explore my radio/TV/film minor, the more I want to film and edit.

Do you see my predicament?

Well, after much debate and internal arguing, I decided to return to YouTube and changed my channel name to mee luh.

Any video I upload on YouTube will be related to a blog post, one way or another– even if it’s just a simple word. I don’t really know if I want to gain a following because I like having a small circle.

Plus, who knows how long I’ll stay on YouTube this time. Just know, I’m not trying to become a YouTuber; I just want more than a 128 MB to be able to upload decent videos.

Be you. Be true.

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