Good & Bad COVID Purchases

It’s sad I have to put this disclaimer, but this is not me trying to boast or brag in any way possible. Neither is this sponsored by any of the brands/products mentioned. It’s all my opinion.

Because I’ve been working (a lot) more and received a good-sized reimbursement for completing school from home, the COVID-19 pandemic has been more financially prosperous than I expected.

As I have adulted more, I’ve started budgeting and saving like crazy. I’m busting my butt to get a place of my own, specifically a one bedroom apartment. I’m speaking it into existence, manifesting the heck out of it.

In the midst of saving like crazy, I’ve managed to buy quite a few things thanks to my (kinda bad) online shopping habit that developed during this pandemic. I wanted to share both the good and bad purchases I’ve made during this time where the only way to safely shop is on the internet.



I was filled to the brim with excitement about wearing one of my own creations, my own design on my face… via the mask, of course. However, the Vista print custom masks are a bit of a let down. You can choose between an adult small or an adult large, and the sizing is based on a measurement you have to perform on yourself. My measurements equal an adult small, and it had such a small fit; I couldn’t laugh or yawn without the mask uncovering my mouth. I designed a couple of masks for people who got an adult large, and those still felt small on them. Being able to customize a mask with my own designs was great, but the actual fit of the mask is awful and doesn’t fulfill its purpose.


Seek Discomfort is one of my favorite brands/shops. If I ever want to splurge and by myself something incredibly comfortable, I shop at Seek Discomfort. They never disappoint… until this mask. It’s literally a piece of thin fabric with (beautiful) inspirational words on the front. For its flimsiness, lack of adjustability, and feel of a regular t-shirt, this mask is definitely not worth the purchase and is not protective. If I could send it back, I would.


When these pictures were being taken, this mask was drying after being washed. This is the first mask I bought when ish started hitting the fan with COVID-19, and it’s held up pretty well. For those times when I have to work long shifts, I prefer this mask. Even though it’s a cotton mask, it’s very breathable, fits nicely, and does a superb job at not fogging up my glasses.


I don’t know what about the pandemic has led to me shopping like a mad woman at H&M, but here we are. This reels came from my style account (@simplyjamilahstyle) and features some items from one of my recent H&M shopping excursions; it also features the song “CROWN” by CHIKA, an artist I discovered while being stuck at home. Speaking of H&M, I did an entire episode on the podcast about thrifting and fast fashion, and though I know fast fashion is bad, I can’t help but shop at H&M.


These black velvet hangers are from Target, and they are perfection. I bought a 100-pack for thirty-five dollars, and I do not regret that decision. Having hangers that are the same color and made of the same material provide a sense of cohesion that my overly organized heart needed. Plus, the velvet hangers are non-slip so I don’t have to worry about finding clothes on the floor.



I caved and bought something from Instagram ads, and unfortunately, I was incredibly disappointed. To help the environment and feel good about myself in general, I purchased the Boie scrubber and toothbrush. The scrubber wasn’t awful. It just didn’t do an amazing job of exfoliation like I thought it would. On the other hand, the toothbrush was horrible. It didn’t do a good job at cleaning my teeth at all. I would brush my teeth for two happy birthday songs like you’re supposed to, and it would look like I didn’t do anything to them. When someone commented on how yellow my teeth looked after I’d been using the toothbrush for a while, I said goodbye.


Tons of YouTubers and content creators are sponsored by Curology, so I finally caved and decided to give it a shot. I made an entire YouTube video reviewing Curology and my specialized skincare product. Let’s just say my skin wasn’t happy, and my subscription was cancelled.


After my disaster with Curology, this avocado face milk and cactus hydrating serum booster from ColourPop saved my face. My skin is healthier, smoother, and clearer. Both of the products smell amazing, and with the addition of a charcoal face wash I got from a local farmer’s market, my skin has never been happier. These even conquer and control some of my period acne. Combined with drinking a good amount of water every day (I aim for 44 ounces), these products revived my skin.



This is a 23.8″ HP All-in-One desktop that I needed for school, and it’s magnificent. I needed something more reliable than my laptop to hold all my software programs for school. Yes, it’s a Windows 10 computer, but it’s fast and reliable, even after the many things I’ve had to download on it. Plus, it was way cheaper than an Apple desktop.


I know this is incredibly random, but this little marble whiteboard from Target has become one of my favorite pieces in my office area. It’s attached to the wall with Command strips, and to keep it simple, I love it. The purpose of it is to display my magnets; in my opinion, this whiteboard does the job in a non-cluttered way.

16″ X 20″ FRAMES WITH ART πŸ‘

It was hard to get a good photo of these without the windows glare but also without it being incredibly dark. Anyway, this was an accidental genius idea I had. There was a blank wall in my room, and I had no idea what to do with it. Then I purchased this drawing of myself from SpaceArtRoom on Etsy (I’M OBSESSED) and knew I wanted to put it somewhere. I printed it out, as well as Spotify art from my own Etsy shop (UmojaCreations), and put them both in inexpensive 16″x20″ frames I got from Target. It filled the space perfectly (updated room tour coming soon).

Those are the summaries of all the good and bad purchases I’ve made since being kicked off my college campus because of the COVID outbreak. I could go into greater detail about every single item, but I thought I’d keep things brief.

Is there anything you’ve bought recently that you absolutely love or thoroughly regret? I would love to hear about it!

Be you. Be true.

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