2020 Vision Board Accomplishments

As we end one of the most seemingly horrific years (horrible starts to a decade), I wanted to reflect on some things I accomplished that were on my vision board for the year. Since the world was pretty much shut down, I was unable to do most of the things on my vision board. Still, I am proud of what I accomplished. Here is my vision board:


It wasn’t until we got kicked off campus in March that I really started to care about being “fit.” During that time, I started making vegetarian meals, and when June hit, I started taking working out seriously. I’m not trying to become a body builder (if you’ve read any of my “Results:…” posts, you can attest to this), but I am more consistent in the beginner level workouts I’m doing. By cooking healthier meals and making time to do an effective beginner workout, I’d say 2020 provided a successful start to my health journey.


As I noted in my public letter to Bean, I bought my first car this year, and it is completely in my name. No co-signer, which makes it even more perfect. The car that I bought isn’t on the poster, but I ended up getting the car I dreamed of having when I turned sixteen. Plus, funnily enough, I ended up getting the exact insurance on the poster as my car insurance.


There’s not much to say on this one. I started writing my first nonfictional book this year, and I haven’t given up on it.


For the moment, I figured out my style. Of course, as you grow and change, your style grows and changes because style is a reflection of who you are. I’m sure this won’t be the last year I decide to get rid of most of my wardrobe, but for now, the majority of my clothes reflect my dream closet; I’m just missing a couple of pairs of regular jeans.


If there was anything I did right this year, it’s come up with great ideas. I asked for a promotion at work, stopped cutting my hair off, created a podcast, started using Elementor for the blog, and created an Etsy shop. All of these, in my opinion, were great ideas, and I plan on developing them in the new year.


Even though a lot of demons and evil intentions were exposed while the world was taken over by a virus, there were a lot of hidden gems this year. Initially, being stuck at home and forced to finish my senior year of college online seemed awful, but it allowed me to push myself creatively and showed me the relationships worth valuing, worth fighting for.

Twenty twenty is that crappy Christmas gift that fills you with disappointment and makes it seem like the worse Christmas ever, but turns out, you actually needed it. Believe it or not, we needed twenty twenty; it provided different things for different people and exposed a lot of things that were ignored (yes, I’m talking about racism).

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