To the Flaky Friend

To the Flaky Friend:

I wasn’t going to write this letter, but I have to ask: can you feel the weird tension too?

Yeah, that’s a result of me having absolutely no trust in you and getting wearier and wearier about my decisions every day. To be straightforward, I don’t want to go anywhere with you. I don’t want to trust you. I don’t want to rely on you as a resource for anything.

This entire situation has thoroughly opened my eyes to our relationship.

Before this year began, I did more for you than you did for me, which is still the case. I intently listened and remembered everything that was important to you. It goes back to the elementary saying of “treat people the way you want to be treated.” I treated you the way I wanted to be treated and got nowhere near what I was hoping for in return.

I was so incredibly naïve to our situation; there are some casual friendships that should not go beyond casual friendships. I’ve realized that you are so caught up in your own little world and are completely oblivious to the real world happening around you.

There’s still some growing up to do… for both of us.

As someone who has grown up with major trust issues, I feel incredibly stupid for giving you my full trust. Cancelling something we were both heavily invested in was a huge wake up call for me; the icing on the cake to all the budding reservations I was having.

Now, for the sake of my sanity, I’m stepping back. I provide the important information with little to no detail. My walls are going back up… higher this time. Thank you for that, and good luck in advance to anyone who tries to tear them down again.

Not everyone is meant for everyone, and as they say, people come in your life for a reason (the same way people leave your life for a reason).

You’re a great person, and this was a great life lesson.


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