The Benefits of Starting a Podcast

It’s no secret (hopefully) that Simply Jamilah goes beyond this blog. There’s also the Simply Jamilah PODCAST, a newborn baby that took me by surprise right before the world shut down at the beginning of 2020.

Considering all of my podcast episodes (thus far) have somehow turned into therapy sessions, I couldn’t exactly tell you why I started the podcast. Maybe I needed someone to talk to and felt like I didn’t have anyone so I turned to the mic? Maybe it was destined [to help me improve as a Jamilah]?

Whatever the reason for starting the Simply Jamilah podcast, I am absolutely in love with it and absolutely in love with everyone who has listened to it. It’s gotten/getting a lot more traffic than I anticipated, which fills my heart up with so much joy and appreciation.

With all that being said… [if you listen to the podcast, you know]

I wanted to share four benefits of starting a podcast. I feel like there are people out there who want to do something like starting a podcast and might need a little push.

Well, consider this your little push.

1. It unlocks a new part of the internet.

Like with every other platform on the internet, podcasting is a great way to unlock a new way of making internet friends, which could eventually lead to IRL friendships. For me, I am constantly shouting out the same podcast I love on the @simplyjamilahofficial Instagram account, and it’s not a podcast that was started by a celebrity or some big-time influencer/content creator.

I don’t know how to explain it, but the support system for podcasts and the podcast community is built different, especially compared to the YouTube and Tiktok communities. Something about it is more peaceful and feels like more of a safe space compared to the aforementioned platforms.

2. It doesn’t take much.

You don’t need a fancy microphone or a computer or an insane knowledge about how varying audio softwares work. With companies like Anchor (now owned by Spotify), you literally only need a cell phone, like with everything else nowadays.

With a cell phone, you can take your show on the streets and get perspectives from the general public and/or make interviews a lot easier. In a studio setting, there tends to be a bit more of a process with accomplishing an interview if the guest is unable to come to your studio. For me, I use Zoom or Facetime to conduct interviews and simply screen record. Fortunately, Zoom creates MP3 files to go with the video recordings.

Since starting my podcast, I’ve gone through two microphones. Initially, I had a rinky dink mic I found on Amazon before switching to the Blue Snowball Mic. Now, I use the Samson Q2U mic, as recommended by Katy Bellotte, and I absolutely love it. For editing software, I simply use Wondershare Filmora, since it easily provides the option to export the file as a MP3. The video editing software I typically use is Davinci Resolve, but it doesn’t make creating a MP3 file easy.

3. It’s easier to use your voice.

I will do my best to make this make sense so bare with me.

When filming any sort of video or visual content, it’s a bit harder for me to say everything I want to say, especially with boldness. Though the cover of my podcast has a cartoon version of my face and anyone can find my small personal brand on Google, there is still a weird part of my brain that believes the audio of the podcast is not associated with my face.

When I go back to edit the podcast and only see a black screen while listening to the audio, it’s a lot easier for me to keep in parts of the episode that may be a little tough for me to say if I saw myself. Does that make sense?

Plus, with the podcast, I feel like I can talk about anything and not be judged and feel even more accepted than this blog makes me feel. Whether it’s my experiences with suicide or my lack of experience with sex, it’s just so much easier to talk about it all on the podcast.

4. It can be a much needed therapy session.

Last but not least, your podcast episodes could turn into free therapy sessions. At least, that’s what seems to happen with Simply Jamilah podcast. Guests or not, cohost or not, lessons can be learned and realizations can dawn upon you out of absolutely nowhere.

Like anything in life, it’s another opportunity to learn, but it’s also enjoyable.

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast and this didn’t give you some slight motivation, all I can say is I did the best I can, and I wish you well.

Season three of Simply Jamilah podcast started back on June 3rd, 2021, and I personally believe this is going to be the best season yet. More honest, more straightforward, more Jamilah than I’ve ever been before (… well, as I discover myself in actual therapy).

For an unedited look at the first five minutes of my return for the season, check out this video below:

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