TikTok Round Up: June 2021

I caved.

I can’t believe I did it, but I freaking caved. After MONTHS of saying I wouldn’t download TikTok [because I don’t want to get addicted], I finally downloaded the app. Fortunately, I use it in moderation (for example, it’s been three days since I’ve last been on the app).

TikTok is a great place for a wide variety of content, and its content you can get quickly and seamlessly scroll through. Yes, I’m finally understanding the hype.

Because I’ve found so many TikToks I like and want to hold onto forever, I decided to start doing TikTok Round Ups at the end of each month. This is for me to come back to and you to enjoy, especially if you don’t have TikTok or if you simply want to know what shows up on my For You Page.

So Relatable, It Hurts

These TikToks attacked me and voiced aspects of my life and who I am in a way that I’m not coherently able to.

Say It Louder!

Enough said. Period. (Most of these are about menstruation; not enough people talk about it, tbh).

Cute Couples

I don’t know why couples started showing up on my For You Page, but I’m here for it.


Literal tears formed in my eyes when I initially watched these because I thought they were so funny; I’m sure it was that late night sleep deprivation talking.

Sex, Baby

Right at the end of the month, these started showing up on my For You Page, and I had to share! Two out of three are simply educational and provide more understanding for increased pleasure.

I hope you enjoyed these TikToks, at least one of them. This was super fun to make, and I am so happy to be on the app. Sometimes giving into the hype is totally worth it. I will say, I haven’t fully given in; I don’t follow Charli or Addison or anyone from that crowd.

Now, I have to ask (because the thought has been plaguing my mind): should I make TikToks?

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