New York Fashion #1

This is the first round because I fully intend on going back to New York solely for fashion/style purposes. I am speaking it into existence.

Anyway, yes, I am still obsessing over my trip to New York. It’s a month later, but it feels like yesterday. Something about that trip was right and brings a smile to my face every time I think about it, even when I think about everything that went wrong.

For this Style Sunday, I wanted to focus on some of the fashion I saw in New York. These three pics show three different styles that are all Pinterest worthy. I found all of these outfits to be incredibly unique, and I had to share them.

(Please don’t mind the poor photography skills. It’s hard to do things casually and quickly).

Despite the masks and backs, don’t you agree the fits are cute?

I’ve probably reached creeper status with this post, but I promise I’m not a creep; I’m simply obsessed with style and learning about people by simply looking at what they wear.

I can’t wait for another trip to New York, another opportunity to get style inspiration.

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