Margaret Odette’s Sex/Life Looks

Yes, I watched Sex/Life, and yes, I actually really liked it. In fact, when I finished it, I had to take a moment to reflect on what I witnessed (definitely skipped the sex house scenes though) because it was kind of like I was watching a downward spiral. Maybe I need to re-watch it because I’m so shook with the ending that I want to see if I can predict season 2 (probably not because Netflix loves to go sideways with its shows).

Any who, while I was watching the show, I found myself in complete awe of Margaret Odette’s style (shout out to the stylist because YOU. DID. THAT!). Margaret Odette plays Sasha, the bestie we all need who is real with everything she says. Yes, her having sex with her best friend’s ex via Facetime was morally hard to watch.

However, it was not hard to appreciate the various outfits and hairstyles she rocked during the show. From her fur coat going out look to her casual sweatpants and tank top combo, all of Margaret Odette’s fits on Sex/Life are absolutely gorgeous.

It was incredibly difficult to find images of her outfits from the show, but here are the six outfits I was able to find online, all of which I absolutely love (though the first one is a robe).

Honestly, I know Sex/Life is focused on Billie (Sarah Shahi) and her love triangle with Cooper (Mike Vogel) and Brad (Adam Demos), but the world needs to take a moment to appreciate Sasha, her style, and her sassy bestie advice.

Margaret Odette, you slayed.

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