TikTok Round Up: August 2021

For your Friday night entertainment, whether you’re bored out of your mind or need to temporarily forget the past week because it was absolutely atrocious (same). These are my favorite tiktoks/tik toks (still don’t know the proper spacing; I guess I could look at my phone) from the month of August.


At some point during the interestingly rough month that was August, I found myself repeatedly re-watching these toks as I laughed my butt off.

Such Cuties <3

Can we take a moment to appreciate how adorable these couples are? Yes? Thanks.

For the People in the Back

In case you didn’t hear us the first time…

I’m… Getting Old

This unlocked a part of my brain that was not ready to be exposed.

Call Me Out I Guess

It’s always nice finding your thoughts and beliefs on the internet where other people share your thoughts and beliefs.

Let’s Talk About…

On this impromptu game of Finish the Lyric, it goes “sex, baby.” Yes, this is a brief sex ed session.

Pop Off!!

From dancing to art, everyone popped off and snatched my wig when I scrolled down my For You Page.

Since August was a beautifully weird month with a lot of changes and a weird roller coaster of varying vibes, there aren’t many toks to share this go around. What can I say… I was hardly on the app (Jamilah – 1, Social Media – 0).

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