The Importance of Girls Trips

For starters, I want to mention that my mask was falling off my face in the second picture, and I adjusted it after my cousin stopped taking pictures (which I didn’t even know she was doing until I saw her holding a bright yellow object in my peripheral vision). Being a person who talks a lot and wears glasses, I have to set my glasses a special way over my mask to keep them from fogging up, but that’s at the sacrifice of either my glasses or mask falling a lot.


At the beginning of the month, I went on a small girls trip. I love traveling, even if it’s a few hours away to an annoying popular vacation spot in my home state. There’s always something to learn and make peace with while traveling.

The trip would have been bad if the company weren’t good. Like, there was hardly anyone there who looked like us, and there were very obvious displays of racism.

Dealing with all the imperfections of the trip was easy with my two fave ladies by my side.

Taking a trip with the girls is so necessary, especially when it feels like everything in life is going wrong. This trip showed me three reasons why taking a casual trip with the girls is incredibly important.


You get the chance to release pent up energy in a safe space surrounded by people you trust. It’s different energy from being on a trip with your family or yourself or your romantic partner. There’s an opportunity to be so completely yourself and let out your inner wild side.

On another note, there’s a chance to share secrets and problems. Maybe there’s something that’s been weighing you down, and a trip with the proper girlfriends is one of the best times to get everything off your chest. When you tell the girlies what’s been on your mind, you have the opportunity to gain a new perspective.


With gaining a new perspective, you learn about life and you may even learn about yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to hear and accept the advice and perspective you’ve been given, but it’s beneficial at the end of the day. Sometimes, simply being in the presence of your gal pals can be a learning experience. Maybe you pick up on a new trait or trick, or maybe you focus on being in your head for a little bit and have an internal moment of self-discovery.


Sometimes the vibes just hit different on a girls trip, but not in a bad way. Whether you end up going to a town where racists vacation or not, funny moments can happen (like someone assertively ordering a Route 44 at Sonic like it’s a drink and not the size of a drink). Good memories are made, and those memories are captured in the form of pictures (some of which definitely need to be printed, like when you pretend to kiss an astronaut at an overpriced museum).

The good vibes and opportunity to create more positive memories serve as a temporary distraction from times of trial and tribulation (cough cough, the pandemic). When you’re in the midst of that post-vacay high, work or school or responsibilities are temporarily enjoyable.

If you ever get the chance and have great girlfriends (that can also be blood-related relatives), I recommend taking a couple of days for a mini girls trip. You’ll get to experience some release, learn a little bit, and make unforgettable memories.

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