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Random Thoughts I Want to Tell My Friends

Sometimes the most random thoughts enter my brain, and all I want to do is send them to my friends; the receiver does vary. I want to start random, deep conversations over silly topics or throw out ideas for potential plans. No matter the thoughts, I never say (or text) them. Out of absolute fear (especially when it comes to rejection and judgement with some friends), I keep my random, sometimes off-the-wall thoughts to myself.

However, this go around, I documented every single random thought I’ve had during the month of March and kept them in the notes app on my phone, so I could share them with you.


  • I literally don’t wear enough whites to wash my whites, but I don’t want to put them in with the colors when I do laundry. Do I obtain more white clothing as an accident prone individual just so I can wash my whites?
  • Grateful to live on the second floor because, ya know, mice, but I can still wake up in the bed with spiders.
  • It’s so scary how history repeats itself, and it’s even scarier knowing things get worse as life moves forward, as you get older.
  • How do we go about business as usual when everything’s falling apart?!
  • Let’s go bowling!
  • I want to rip off both of my big toe nails
  • Where do I rank as a priority in your life? Will you be there when I need you?
  • When does a friendship become more than a friendship?
  • It feels like I’m waiting for the punchline
  • March 2020: confused about pandemic
    • March 2021: confused about graduation
    • March 2022: confused about boys
  • I am so bad at small talk with my neighbors; it’s embarrassing.
  • 100% forgot I was naked with my windows open doing my happy dance
  • All that’s been plaguing my brain: the difference between work friends & friends you work with
  • My eye doctor said to wear my contacts when I go places, but I don’t go enough places and I need to go places
  • Do boys suck at showing their emotions and expressing their thoughts because they don’t have periods?
  • There’s a new variant of the virus coming to the U.S., which means things might shut down again.
  • Not the store manager trying to get me to work the night of inventory knowing I have to be at my full-time job at 5 the next morning
  • I had a dream my leg hair is brown, and it was quite riveting.
  • My bra makes it look like I’m in an abusive relationship but I swear it’s just the bra
  • A woman in my complex was yelling at her children for hanging around my car instead of following her to the dog park, and all you hear is “Fuck Up the Friendship” by Leah Kate playing from my car
  • It’s hard to go to work when everyone’s in a mood
  • I binged Bridgerton season 2 in a day, and I literally don’t know what to do with my life now. Do I restart the series? Please convince me that I do not need to restart the series.
  • I don’t know why, but I have such a good feeling about April.

Yes, these thoughts passed through my brain. Kind of all over the place, right?

Honestly, I’m still stuck on the last two… especially the Bridgerton one.

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