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Styling My Anxiety Pop It

Not long ago, I worked with a guy (with an incredibly creepy, pedophile-like mustache) who saw a purple penguin-like shape hanging from my pants and asked me if it was a Tamagotchi (stream “Tamagotchi” by Omar Apollo).

It was indeed not a Tamagotchi but a mini pop it I bought from a local drug store (aka Walgreens).

When possible, I hook the pop it to the belt loop of my pants and walk around work with it without a care in the world. People stare, and I ignore them.

My little pop it, Pip, helps me with my anxiety (yes, that thing I seem to bring up in every writing). It helps with the general anxiety I experience whenever I think about the future and my current financial status compared to my friends. However, it mainly helps me stop or slow down overthinking about relationships I couldn’t/can’t stop having intense emotions and thoughts about.

I decided to capture outfits I’ve worn the past week or so where I was wearing my anxiety pop it. Including giving the details of each outfit, I get personal and share common things I have anxiety attacks about.

Enjoy my natural hair, iPhone pics, and interesting “model” faces.

Job Numero Uno

I feel like I should probably blur out what’s on my t-shirt, but I simply do not care.

T-shirt: My full-time job
Pants: Local thrift store
Tiny earrings: Local antique shop

Something I have anxiety attacks about:
Developing close bonds with people at work and then they leave

Unshaved Dressiness

I struggled with finding something to wear to church since I didn’t want to shave my legs to wear a dress.

Cropped shirt: Target
Pants: Secondhand from relative
Platform sandals: Target
Hoops: Forever 21? Maybe? From forever ago

Something I have anxiety attacks about:
Having poor relationships with both of my parents and the lack of love I experienced in my childhood affecting my everyday life

Job Numero Dos

Taking these pictures made me a couple of minutes late for the start of my shift.

Solid shirt: Target? Maybe?
Pants: Local thrift store
Sneakers: Nike

Something I have anxiety attacks about:
Not showing up enough in all of my friendships

Around My Hot House

To save money, I try not to use my A/C and wear as little clothing around my apartment as possible.

Sports bra: Aerie
Shorts: Target
Hoops: Literally have no idea

Something I have anxiety attacks about:
Romantic relationships, being single forever, and not being able to have children

Don’t stare at people who have their own ways of coping with whatever is happening in their brain. It’s important and kind to make people feel comfortable by being accepting.

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