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James Corden & My Desire to Leave America

When it comes to late night talk shows, James Corden is one of the best at sending condolences, expressing grief, and showcasing outrage when America experiences a tragic event or faces a life-altering future because of poor lawmaker decisions.

Considering he is from the UK, his astonishment and condolences seem more pure and genuine. Sometimes, it feels like talk show hosts, late night or not, express/address an issue out of obligation instead of sincerity.

The more downhill America goes and the more I learn tidbits about the UK from James, my desire to leave this country intensifies. Sometimes I jokingly mention leaving the country, but the more I realize how short and precious this life is, the more I want to go for real.

However, fleeing the country seems like I’m running away from my problems–problems that wouldn’t exist if people weren’t stupid. Do I really want to be the girl who ran away from her problems (more than I already have)?

I always look forward to a fresh start, no matter how hard it is, and moving to a different country seems like the freshest start of all.

Considering America is slowly going in the drainer, I do not blames James for [possibly] moving back to the UK upon the end of this season/12-month contract.

As much as I want to say “take me with you,” I know there’s some unknown reason I was born in America. Plus, my family, both the one I am genetically tied to and the second family I’ve gained over the years, are here, and I have this insane inkling that my life partner is hidden somewhere in the fifty states, if I haven’t already met him (Sometimes you meet the person meant for you and don’t realize it until waaaay down the line, as I’ve both heard and witnessed).

Thank you, James Corden, for increasing my desire to be brave enough to leave America (even if it’s just for a few months). Hopefully I can get out of here before this path of self-destruction catches up to them (them being unintelligent politicians).

Mister Corden, the late night game will not be the same when you leave.

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