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Results: A Month of Growwithjo Workouts

Less than twenty-four hours after growwithjo showed up on my YouTube recommendations page, my aunt raved about her workouts. That’s when I knew it was time for me to give her a shot.

She has a certain transparency and authenticity about her that makes you not hate her when her workouts kick your butt. Plus, she has an incredibly infectious smile that helps you get through the aches, pains, and pops.


I am back to eating meals regularly, including lots of eggs, pasta, and salad. This is right after Memorial Day weekend when I ate a little too much, including scarfing down two pulled pork sandwiches where the meat was left out and uncovered overnight. Yes, risky stuff.

Moving on… I also finally bought a personal-sized blender to make smoothies with, which has definitely come in handy with the rise in prices of literally everything.


I am not someone who showcases instant results when it comes to losing weight and toning up.


Working out is a fun way to wake up my body and build strength; my legs and thighs have never looked better. If there’s anything I look forward to the most about exercising, it’s the fact that it easily helps me mentally check out of my life’s problems to improve focus.


Tuesday: 15 Min Lower Belly Tabata Fat Burn For Beginners
Wednesday: 10 Minute Full Body Workout For Teens at Home
Thursday: Standing Only 6 Pack Abs Workout
Friday: 10 Minute Booty Lift Workout Challenge

There’s an additional 30-minute workout at the end of the playlist for those times I randomly got bored on the weekends or needed motivation to get up for my second job; yes, working out for thirty minutes solved both of those problems.

Like last time, I had to alter and skip some workouts to take the neighbors below my apartment and college kids next door into account.


The “before” was filmed the morning after a 9:30 pm dinner that consisted of a mac and cheese hamburger and copious amounts of lemonade.

The “after” was on a day where I inhaled four ice cream sandwiches and was on my third day of Memorial Day leftovers.

I appreciate that she consistently shares her before, her weight loss journey, the mental aspect of working out, and that it’s genuinely possible to knock the weight off or build the muscle.

Growwithjo is a fitness YouTuber I can fully support without any doubts. Pure encouragement, excitement, and sweat is what she radiates when she helps you along your journey of feeling like a better you.

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