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My Ultimate Goals in Life

It’s about that time again.

Yep, I am just a few days shy of turning twenty-three.

With the world literally falling apart, it is taking everything in me not to panic and have an early quarter-life crisis. I decided to channel my anxious energy into sharing my five ultimate goals for life and my vision board for my twenty-third year alive.

Make my vision board with me–everything I hope to experience, accomplish, and improve during my twenty-third year on this earth:

Goal 1: Stop feeling guilty for speaking. I consistently say things that are shady, petty, and seemingly unnecessary. At the same time, somewhere out there, there is a reason I say what I say. I’m working on perception because most of the time, the things that I perceive as unnecessary or shady were nothing of the sort. However, there are times where I speak an intrusive thought and either love or hate that I don’t get a response back; I want to stop hating the weird connection between my brain and my mouth.

Goal 2: Inspire and be there for the next generation. I want to help and support as many young people as possible, especially young back girls. My favorite activity for the past eighteen years has been being a big sister and using my intense maternal instincts for good. I want to be for other girls what my work moms are for me, especially girls who aren’t fortunate enough to have a mom or a relationship with a big sister.

Goal 3: Have effective relationships. With friendships, I love most of the friends I currently have (of course, I need to nix the ones that I am not a fan of). There are friendships I want to try again with, want to stop doubting, and stop feeling insecure within. Romantically, I want to find a life partner where it’s 50/50 as much as possible, there’s great communication, and there’s alignment with the things that matter (the bare minimum in my eyes). Genetically, there is a lot of healing and acceptance that needs to happen; I also need to be brave and own up to who I am without seeking the approval of those I am genetically tied to.

Goal 4: Work in a creative field. I want to retire from whatever creative field I work in as a complete legend. One of my favorite ways to speak my mind and showcase things that matter and/or promote self-expression is through some sort of creative outlet; right now, I have my eye set on a specific design field. I hope to turn my passions into something more, but I don’t want to be someone who monetizes all of my hobbies. Also, I want to beat the stereotypes and get proper acknowledgement.

Goal 5: Leave things, people & experiences behind that do not bring me peace. I’m only working on and doing things that fill my soul with happiness. In order to do so, I need to be completely okay with independence without feeling loneliness all the time, which is something June 2022 Jamilah has yet to accomplish.

Whatever I say or do in life, these are the five goals I am working toward. As I’m getting older, the impact I want to make, the people I want in my life, and the unique-to-me quirks about myself become more apparent.

Cheers to twenty-three.

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