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Pinterest Picture Edits

As someone who does the bare minimum edits to her pictures for Instagram (I literally just try to enhance color, brighten dark pictures, and darken bright pictures), I thought it would be a little fun to try some different picture edits I found on Pinterest.

In the future, this writing will be a reminder for why I keep my pictures natural and don’t aim for an aesthetic.

For now, this is my mini Pinterest Picture Edit “experiment” (not sure if you can even call it that).

For this little “experiment,” I am using two pictures. They’re taken in two different environments at two different angles. However, they’re both pictures of me drinking coffee; coffee sounds so good right now.

Given the title of this writing, I’m sure you can guess I found all these editing techniques on Pinterest. I only chose five to share–five that I found incredibly interesting–but there are tons more. I made sure to stick to the ones that use editing mechanisms found in a smartphone gallery, or in my case, my iPhone gallery.

To the edits!

Sweet Glow

Golden Hour

Sun Kissed

Indie Filter

Soft Aesthetic

In using these different edits, which made most of the pictures look funny, my perception of myself hasn’t changed. I don’t know if it’s my ever-growing self love talking, but these filters did nothing to change the way my outer beauty (and the unique ways I drink coffee) represent my inner being.

Although, I will say, Sun Kissed did work a little bit of magic with my yellow shirt; it is kind of a vibe, but a vibe that seems like a try hard version of Jamilah, which isn’t me at all.

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