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Reacting to My College Outfits

2022 Simply Jamilah Fashion Week

To kickstart doing something I’ve always wanted to do, which is feeling comfortable and confident discussing different ways the external expresses the internal, I decided to host the first Simply Jamilah fashion week.

For the entire five-day work week I endure, I will share a writing dedicated to style. It’s not going to be all advice and looks. It’s a variety of content and conversation that shows the evolution, the rollercoaster ride, that is one’s appearance and its reflection.

Like, for this first day, I wanted to share my reaction to college ootws (outfits of the week) I filmed mere weeks before the world shutdown in March 2020.

To get a better vibe for all the outfits, here are the videos in chronological order.

Honestly, I don’t remember where most of the items in the videos are from, besides the Avengers shirt definitely being from Hot Topic. However, I remember how most of the outfits made me feel.

I remember the adrenaline rush of confidence I felt when I wore the navy dress with the white Filas. I remember the ugliness I felt in my simple avocado socks, green sweats, and black long sleeve. I remember how “normal” I felt in my gray turtleneck, faux denim pants, and green outerwear.

Style has the incredible capability to change the way you feel. If I don’t feel like the baddie Miss Independent I see for my future, I dress like her and get a surge of courage, motivation, and some slight confidence.

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