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The Next Phase of My Wardrobe

2022 Simply Jamilah Fashion Week

The above images depict what I am working towards with the next phase of my wardrobe. Of course, given the current economy and my current status in the grand scheme of things, I hope to achieve these vibes with a more cost efficient approach (pretty much, thrift stores are becoming my best friends).

Colorful monochrome. Ever since Michelle Obama showed up to the inauguration in a maroon suit, I have been striving towards perfecting the monochromatic look. It’s a great way to showcase a fun personality while looking put together.

Appropriate neutrals. I love neutrals; I just get nervous when they start to almost resemble my skin tone. The day someone in high school thought I wasn’t wearing a shirt because it was brown will forever haunt my memories.

Loose clothing. Because of my current journey with self-love and body dysmorphia, I feel more confident and comfortable in clothing that doesn’t fit my body. My favorite form of loose clothing is definitely palazzo pants and wide-leg jeans.

A little skin. For those rare instances when I do want to show off the figure I work decently hard to maintain, I feel like a corset, an open back, or sleeveless will do the trick. Still, not a lot of leg or belly pooch showing.

Lastly, I hope to get better with dressing up casual outfits, bravely adding elements to modify an item for a better representation of me, and feel more comfortable layering unique pieces.

Hopefully I can make great progress with updating my wardrobe to this next phase before the next Simply Jamilah fashion week.

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