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Getting Sexy for Teyana Taylor

2022 Simply Jamilah Fashion Week

Two nights ago, I had a sexually healing experience I did not expect to go on, yet I knew to look decently sexy for it. I had to take an entire day to both recover and reflect on my decision to witness a beautifully unique kind of intimacy (some fashion weeks get a day break, right?).

Yes, I went to the Teyana Taylor concert for her final tour, The Last Rose Motel Tour.

If you’ve seen snippets of her concert on TikTok or Instagram, you know how incredibly wild it got.

However, most of the images I got were from her daughter’s spotlight moment onstage.

I knew it was going be to an evening of sexiness based on the promo images and videos of the tour. So, I decided to dress a little sexy for it and captured my outfit with the help of my mirror.

For me, at the current stage of internal funk that I’m in, dressing sexy means dressing comfortable while having the opportunity to show a little skin.

If you recall, I wore the same thrifted, super cropped sweatshirt to the Dua Lipa concert when she came to Tennessee. The slightest lift of my arm exposes my under boob, and fully lifting my arms will have every bit of my B-cups out for the world to see. There was an ounce of confidence, not a cup, so I wore a bralette underneath for any chance someone caught sight of the cleavage situation.

To go with the shirt, I wore some simple black biker shorts to show off my half-shaved legs. My tiny butt looks a little bit better in my ten dollar Rue21 biker shorts, so I felt both comfortable and decently attractive in them. Plus, they had pockets, which were incredibly convenient for my cards and cell phone.

Topping it off was the one earring look. Since I have an ear full of non-lobe piercings, I put a singular dangly earring in my bare ear. For some reason, I feel the absolute cutest with this jewelry look.

So why was last night sexually healing?

There were beautiful Black women of all different sizes showing skin, strutting their stuff, and twerking any meat their rears possessed. Of course, I didn’t take any pictures of them because that just seemed creepy and illegal.

However, I found myself admiring the minimal clothing and big afros. Dozens of the women walked around with a humble air of confidence, which I’m sure made them feel sexy and contributed to them looking sexy.

Plus, seeing Teyana Taylor showcase and embrace the pleasures of the female body and what it takes to be pleasured definitely contributed to the sexually healing experience. Although, I did feel like I was invading someone’s privacy when she gave a couple of audience members lap dances.

Whenever I realize something about myself that needs improvement, I count that as healing. This concert, as well as the absolute mental funk I’ve been in recently, has helped me realize that I have a lot of work to do on myself and my confidence and the love, care, and attention I give to me.

This concert also showed me that I need to invest in comfortable sneakers I can stand in for three hours without my legs going numb. Hahahahahaha (that is the written version of my unique cackle).

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