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All Black Everything

2022 Simply Jamilah Fashion Week

This writing was inspired by the one random day in June I decided to completely burn up by wearing a black sweatshirt over a black and floral jumpsuit.

As I completely roasted and tried to stay hydrated in between helping frustrated customers, I got to thinking about the improvement in the amount of black clothing I own.

Black was a primary color in my closet for most of high school; I remember when one classmate made a comment at the beginning of geometry class about how seeing me wear a color is a rarity. Now, black takes up a little less than a third of my wardrobe.

Still, there is enough in my closet for me to challenge myself and try to curate all black outfits I feel comfortable and [sort of] cool in.

With the help of my beautiful friend Mil, I was able to capture me in the outfits I mentally conjured. These are the best images she captured (straight from the photographer’s text), and some of them you can’t see the entirety of.

This was a special day full of music and conversation and enjoying the presence of someone precious. It was a day I needed after simply feeling ugly. During this time, I was so incredibly unhappy with my appearance, from the top of my tiny ponytail to the end of my chipping big toe.

Even though I was literally turning into a cooked potato, this was one of the best summer days I experienced this year. I definitely intend on doing it more often.

Also, stream “Black Habits 1” by D Smoke ft. Jackie Gouche.

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