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Layering the Graphic Tee

First and foremost, cancer, you are absolute garbage. No one wants you to exist, and it is inhumane the way you attack people’s bodies. You are the source of many people’s sorrow, and I need you to exit immediately.

With that being said, I had a different plan for the outfits I’m sharing with you.

Then I found out cancer took the life of someone I know, someone who brought joy to so many people no matter how much pain she was in. The uniqueness of these outfits are inspired by Ms. Bettye, a woman who was unafraid to be unapologetically herself. She stood out in any crowd with her charm, kindness, and unique sense of style–a sense of style that purely reflected her.

The three outfits I curated on a whim, outfits that I wanted to be as crazy as possible considering the challenge of layering a graphic tee, are catered to the unique weather that comes with a Tennessee autumn.

Per usual, don’t mind my face. My “model face” is borderline an RBF. Plus, if I’m being honest, I was pretty lazy when it came to taking pictures for this; recent life events have completely drained my energy.


I have been sleeping in this outfit for almost two weeks, and I’m not ashamed. If I wasn’t so exhausted when I wake up in the morning (long story), I would probably already have several Instagram pictures in this outfit. This layering PJs mechanism looks best with my black and white sweatshirt underneath, but laundry day hasn’t arrived yet.

Yellow Graphic Sweatshirt: TJ Maxx
XL Men’s T-shirt: Goodwill
Blue Sweatpants: SheIn (purchased at Plato’s)

An Illusion

When I put this on, I did not recognize my body type. Therefore, I called it an illusion. I feel like layering a cropped sweatshirt over a graphic tee does the opposite of what layering a corset would do. Instead of showing off the true figure of your body, it tends to hide it even more. Warmth-wise, it felt weird only having my breasts with an extra layer, but considering it was cold and there was no bra underneath, it still worked for covering my headlights.

Cropped Gray Sweatshirt: Goodwill
Marvel Graphic Tee: Hot Topic
Yellow, White, & Black Striped Pants: Macy’s (from forever ago)

A Wrinkle in Time

Do you get it? “A Wrinkle in Time?” Because my shirt’s wrinkled…

Anyway, I unashamedly wore Christmas socks the entire time I took these pictures because they are the only pair of long socks I own. Layering two short-sleeved shirts is more for the days when there isn’t a freeze warning waking you up at 1 am. The mix of the floral from the collared shirt and the stripes of the skirt have potential… almost. However, I love the combination of a collared shirt and a graphic tee, even though this graphic is more typography based.

Floral Collared Shirt: Goodwill
Influencer T-Shirt: Skim Milk
Purple & Blue Striped Skirt: TJMaxx

These outfits aren’t something I would usually wear, but the more I stare at them, the more I vibe with them. I also realize my faux locs need some help, but that’s a whole different story (again). A desire to be more bold and more unapologetic with what I wear has… unearthed?… itself within me as I took the pictures for this writing.

Thank you for your love, light, and inspiration Ms. Bettye.

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