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Killing Me

My feet are killing me
I’m stuck standing in one spot
Watching the clock tick by is pushing further into my brain
Reminding me of the pain
And the sorrow
And the loneliness
And my stagnant place in life
I’m so tired of the continuous strife

My eyes are killing me
They’re tired of witnessing the selfishness and greed
Ready for any and every cry
Yet also incredibly empty and dry
And in desperate need of focus
And a special kind of love
And every form of relief
They’re exhausted from all the grief

My shoulders are killing me
They’re carrying the weight of the world like it’s normal and needed
I think the load lightens with every pop
Yet nothing seems to stop
And I feel bare
And wholly abandoned
And on the verge of collapsing
One of my greatest self-fears is relapsing

My back is killing me
It can no longer handle bending for the sake of pleasing others
It’s overworked and underpaid
And driving me absolutely insane
And filling me with questions
And unfathomable fears
The weight on my shoulders is taking another track
Quickly resembling The Hunchback

My head is killing me
I can no longer blame my past concussions for the pounding
Overthinking about making the same mistake
Endeared enough heartache and confusion one could take
And can’t balance emotions well
And can’t stop spacing out
I can feel the physical pain of my brain
With thoughts that are inhumane

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