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Creating the Apartment of My Dreams

It’s a little funny I’m writing about the “apartment of my dreams” after semi-killing a ginormous, unfamiliar bug and shooing it out of my apartment. My brain and I are fighting each other to not overthink about it and become an itchy mess.


Since moving to North Carolina in early December 2022, I have been working endlessly to furnish this apartment to match who Jamilah is. Of course, I was desperate to get the basics (aka get off the air mattress) and not spend an entire paycheck, but I also wanted to make sure the essentials still reflected my style, my Miss Independent-bachelorette-chaotic style.

In typical chaotic Jamilah fashion, I documented the first part of furnishing my apartment, most of which took place in January 2022, after filling up my Kia Soul twice.

Months after ending this video, I now have a couch and dining table! In fact, my dining area is the only fully complete room in my beautiful one bedroom apartment.

I’m currently taking a momentary pause to bounce back financially from April—because April always seems to hit me with a big financial woe (I blame Tax Day)—and do a little bit of adventuring.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my progress with my corner of peace. I live in the farthest corner of my apartment complex, and I’ve recently discovered I am surrounded by a wall of trees outside my balcony. Every day, I make a point to sit outside and soak in the breeze and bees and unknown creatures that lie mere inches away. Pure tranquility.

Some wonder how I’ve been able to make it to this point in decorating my apartment in just a little bit of time with an almost nonexistent Fun Budget. Since I know my current stance in life and that I will one day be in a place where I am making triple the amount of money I am making today (yes, I’m typing it into existence), I am shopping at practical places: Wayfair, Amazon, and Target. I’ve also been low key stalking some of the secondhand places near me in case incredible, eye catching décor gets donated, like the large fake tree next to my desk; as soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew it was the tree for me.

Despite the ups and downs of life and money, I’ve been having a blast creating a completely Jamilah-fied space. It’s a place where I can let out a deep exhale at the end of the day and let all of the icks fall from my body.

One of my favorite things about creating the apartment of my dreams is not losing an arm and a leg to afford it.

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