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Songs of the Summer

Towards the beginning of the summer, I was having a conversation with someone about there not really being a certified Song of the Summer, a song you hear being played everywhere you look, on every social media platform—it’s inescapable.

I haven’t heard a “Hot Girl Summer” or “Despacito” or “Levitating” or any Lizzo-esque song. Some would say it’s “Seven” by Jung Kook ft. Latto or “Dance the Night” by Dua Lipa for the new Barbie movie (especially since the movie is one of the hottest releases of the summer), but I’m not so sure about that…

The only thing I truly see/hear everywhere is someone recreating or [positively] talking about Blue Ivy’s dance during the Renaissance World Tour, but that’s still not a song.

With this in mind, I’ve conjured up a personal list of my top five songs of the summer. These are songs (yes, mostly pop) that scream “SUMMER VIBES!” every time they play on shuffle.

“Hot Tea” by half•alive

The bass and the beat drop are perfect for driving around on a windy day. Spirits are high, you’re in a good mood, so good that you want to dance but also be a responsible driver.

Plus, the lyrics give me summer love energy.

“Sundress” by A$AP Rocky

For me, it’s all about the melody and the handclaps and the ad-libs (?… My lack of musical knowledge is showing). Everything that makes a song a song, besides the lyrics, is what makes this a good summer song. Something about it is very catchy and makes you want to listen to it on a loop.

“Waffle House” by Jonas Brothers

This would be our overplayed radio hit (and I have heard it on the radio a couple of times). First off, it’s the Jonas Brothers, which almost automatically qualifies it for the radio. Secondly, the melody and repetition of “Hey now” makes it something you want to listen to repeatedly as you sing and sway along. Lastly, it’s about coming together, which is what the Song of the Summer does—it brings people together.

“BLUEPRINT” by Tyla Jane

The would-be-Song-of-the-Summer to be overplayed on the radio if the artist wasn’t underrated. It would be the self-love pop anthem for the summer, and the switching tempos (I think that’s right… don’t come for me smart music people) keeps your attention. The inclusion of strings and horns are the cherry on top of the Pop Hit Cake.

“Nothing to Regret” by Robinson

Another pop song that would (and should) be on the radio. It starts off with some nice piano and explodes into a chorus with lyrics that literally scream summer: “Baby, we don’t need no money // No worries tonight // Start a party in the living room // Turn it up until we feel it boom”. It appeals to the care-free aspect of summer, especially for super young adults, and has a chorus that encourages you to sing and clap along.

Based on my personal preferences, observations, and listening ears, these are five songs that capture Summer 2023. Can you think of a newly released song that’s captured the essence of summer?

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