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30 Days of Content Creation

Calling all bloggers, podcasters, TikTokers, Instagrammers, YouTuber shortsters (?) !!!!!!

During the month of September, join me for thirty days of continuous creation on whatever platform you choose. If you feel like you simply haven’t had the time to commit to what you love, this is a way to get back to it! We can be each other’s accountability partners.

I made this announcement at the beginning of July on my Instagram account and on the Simply Jamilah homepage. However, since we are a month away from this challenge, I figured I would share it here as well.

The goal is to upload one piece of content on one specific platform. In my case, I will be sharing a new blog post/article/writing every single day for the month of September. Fellow bloggers, you can do it with me.

Or you can upload something every day on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts.

This little challenge is like Vlogmas, which is a big deal in the lifestyle YouTuber community. Except, this is in September… and not centered around Christmas activities.

There’s only one month left until the challenge begins, and I wanted to make sure you had time to prepare!

30 Writings:

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