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Free the Nip

I know the conversation of freeing the nipple has died down quite a bit. I say “died down” in the sense that it’s not that big of a deal if women don’t publicly wear bras, compared to the earlier start of the 21st century (I still can’t believe we’re in 2023). Of course, people still have very judgmental stares whenever it is obvious that a woman isn’t wearing a bra and is letting everything roam free. I can only imagine how many men and conservative women will lose their minds when they find out a lot of women don’t wear underwear (except during the one heavy day during that one time of the month). These are the same people who can’t handle nudity at art museums and boobs on shower curtains.

Though close-minded people aren’t verbally expressing their disapproval, it is still very apparent when someone doesn’t approve (especially here in the Bible belt) of a woman letting it all [literally] hang. During the peak of women expressing their right to not have to wear a bra (when this topic could be found all over the media), there was always the argument of men being able to walk around and drive shirtless but women can’t.

Well, it’s too hot and humid to be walking around in another, unnecessary layer of clothing. I’ve seen too many stares recently when I walk around without a bra and my headlights turn on, which seems to be all the time (and I don’t know why). Though I was blessed with smaller, size B breasts, it’s still apparent when I’m not wearing a bra.

Of course, when I took these pictures, my headlights decided to turn off and wouldn’t work for anything.

Tank Tops

The most obvious way to tell when someone is wearing a bra is when they wear a tank top. Considering some people literally wear tank tops as bras (yes, I know women who do this; I also know someone who once said tank tops are bras for men…), this is the most vulnerable piece of clothing when it comes to the breasts. It exposes how they hang, the shade of your nipples (pink? caramel? dark chocolate?), and what your size breasts look like when they hang free. Considering the human body is not symmetrical at all, it also exposes which breast is bigger than the other.

With all of this in mind, the tank top is the best piece of clothing to wear bra-less in the summer.


You can’t really tell in this photo, but every time I put this bodysuit on, one headlight turns on, if not both of them. However, this style of bodysuit requires not wearing a bra with how deep the V is. When I wore this on vacation, I wore nipple covers because I didn’t quite feel comfortable walking around a Republican-heavy area with two spots poking out of my chest. Still, you could see the nipple covers, and it somehow made the pictures look worse because there was a flat round piece on top of an already round body part. Part of the reason I hesitate buying and wearing bodysuits is because I literally don’t know what to do in the chest department.

For the most comfort and best appearance, bodysuits literally require not wearing a bra.


Physically, the most comfortable clothing one could wear without a bra is a sweatshirt. I remember being in college and being heavily questioned one day about why I was wearing a bra with a sweatshirt; I was schooled that day, to the say the least. There are days when I have to do something like go to the grocery store at 7 am to snag a special kind of Olipop, and it’s so easy to throw a hoody on and roll out. Yes, I do not sleep in a bra, and big kudos to the women who do. I literally don’t know how you do it. Sweatshirts are hugs for your nipples.

Side note: If someone wants to wear a bra with their sweatshirt, let them live their life. Honestly, the whole point of this writing is to let people wear (and not wear) whatever they want and live their lives.

Some women are scared to let their nipples free because of the aforementioned stares and the messed up norms set in place by society. Well, sis, let them out. If it’s hot and you need to get rid of a layer, get rid of the bra.

However, maybe it’s not a matter of freeing the nipple. Maybe it’s a matter of being comfortable in one’s skin and not caring about the judgmental mentality of the world.

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