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Understanding the Hype Behind Vince Staples

I didn’t know I knew who Vince Staples was until a new friend I’ve made pointed him out during an episode of Abbott Elementary but couldn’t remember his name. It took watching him in the 2023 version of White Men Can’t Jump before I did an internet deep dive to figure his face out. Considering I’ve heard/seen the name “Vince Staples” so much over the years (but never knew the face), it didn’t take me long to put two and two together. For a while, I seriously thought Vince Staples was another pop country singer.

Before writing this, I asked the aforementioned friend for her top five Vince Staples songs. She only gave me two, and these are my initial impressions, as a very new Vince Staples listener.


I like the production; it’s a very good riding around during sunset in a convertible with the roof down song. The repetition of “Hope you watching your back” is kind of haunting in a memorable, slightly mesmerizing way. Also, I like that the chorus (or maybe it’s the bridge… still don’t know music terms) isn’t just him repeating the title with various tones. His incorporation of the titles in the songs (yes, it’s not just this song he does this) is genius, and it’s not something I hear often. Good vibes all around.

“MAGIC” (with Mustard)

Honestly, I don’t feel like his voice fits the beat Mustard created; the beat gives more Roddy Rich energy. With the beat, it almost feels like a song solely made for the radio. Also, this song was unnecessarily long; I wish it was the same length as the previous track. Lyrically, however, there is fantastic storytelling.

The same friend sent me his Tiny Desk concert, and I, of course, watched it. Something about the way they filmed it made him look taller than when he stands next to Quinta Brunson. Vince Staples is very personable, and his personality shines during his interactions and discussion in between songs. He physically vibes with every song, which really showcases his passion for his art. Also, I really liked the dedication at the end of “LAW OF AVERAGES”.

Since “LAW OF AVERAGES” was brought up, now is the perfect time for me to share my favorite Vince Staples song. For some reason, it hits different when you’re doing 12-3-30.


I literally can’t listen to this song just one time; it has to repeat a couple of times for me to bask in its splendor. The lyricism is just so freaking amazing. The entire song is chill and catchy and just… *chef’s kiss*.

All in all, Vince Staples has a fantastic flow; it’s enticing and pleasing to the ears. He is a lyricist for the record books, and I can’t wait for newbies like to me to recognize that.

Now that we’ve discussed his rap career…

Did his small “role” in Insecure lead to his recurring role in Abbott Elementary, and did that role lead to his role in White Men Can’t Jump (2023)? He’s a short king who can act well, and I would love to see him on my screen more.

Whatever the case may be, I’m happy I can officially say I have a general idea of who Vince Staples is (and yes, I will go back and listen to his entire discography). He is definitely worth the hype.

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