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Results: 28 Days of Pilates

After semi-figuring out a gym routine at my apartment’s fitness center, I wanted to try something new. Per usual, technology was keeping track of my fitness routine searches on Pinterest and kept suggesting a 28 days of Pilates program, both with Pinterest ads and Instagram ads.

Finally, I caved… sort of.

From August 1st to August 28th, I did 28 days worth of Pilates. To complete this challenge without paying for an app or program, I did Lidia Mera’s 7-day Pilates challenge 4 times in a row. This is how [well] it went.


I didn’t alter my diet to complete this challenge. If anything, I found myself eating a lot more, especially the usual pasta.


I am usually someone who does not showcase instant results when it comes to losing weight and toning up (though I can DEFINITELY see a difference with this challenge).


Everywhere I looked this summer, an influencer/content creator was doing Pilates. I don’t consider myself either one of those titles, but I wanted to see what the hype was about.

Schedule & Playlist:

As I stated earlier, I did the following playlist of videos four times in a row (7 x 4 = 28). It was easier to complete when I started on the first of the month as opposed to the 11th.

On the days I had to skip a workout, I would do the next day on top of the day’s assigned workout. For example, on August 14th, I did a combination of the workouts that were supposed to be done on the 12th, 13th, and 14th. Of course, things weren’t as intense when my period started; I could barely finish a video. My ongoing wrist injury (that my doctor brushed off and won’t do x-rays of) also prohibited me from doing some of the exercises for the allotted amount of time.


Every time I did a workout, my body would scream and shout, but I always felt great after. As with any challenge, I could feel my endurance building. I was less sweaty but everything was more killer than previous workouts. Overall, I look, feel, and am a lot more toned in a lot of places.

With seeing almost instant results (after about nine days of doing the challenge), the way I felt about myself increased significantly in a positive direction. The beauty of this challenge and these videos is I was able to get and see results without having to leave my living room. Wow wow and wow.

I now understand the hype behind Pilates and why all the lifestyle and fitness girlies started doing it over the summer. After this challenge, I plan on incorporating Pilates into my weekly workout routine, and it will more than likely be something from Lidia Mera.

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