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3 Months Since Starting Birth Control

After years of experiencing insane periods, I finally got on birth control, which I briefly talk about when I share my first time getting a Pap smear (if this is your first time reading anything from this blog, we can get VERY personal here).

My gynecologist said it was supposed to take three months (well, 3 packs of 28 days worth of pills, but saying “three months” is so much easier) for your body to adjust to the pill. Since it’s been three months, I thought now would be a good time to talk about my experience.

One of the biggest reasons I was so scared to start taking birth control is because of the increased appetite side effect, which apparently is why so many women gain weight (again, according to my gynecologist). My body is a big insecurity of mine, like most women, and I did not want to get to the point of gaining a lot of weight without being able to get the weight back down. I know I shouldn’t care… but I do. It’s another reason I’m scared of having children, but that’s a different story for a different day.

Obviously, I decided to risk it all—right when I was starting to feel comfortable with my body.

Surprisingly, I haven’t gained any weight. Well, as far as I can see in the mirror. I’ve successfully stopped obsessing over finding out my weight, and I don’t want to start any time soon, especially as I continue taking the pill. If anything, I’ve continued to slowly tone up, and somehow, my appetite has slowed down.

For example, today I’ve only had two meals. I had a late breakfast that consisted of French toast, a biscuit, a piece of sausage, a piece of bacon, a piece of Canadian ham, and softly scrambled eggs. I didn’t get hungry until literally twelve hours later (10:14 pm), and all I ate was a salad.

I truly don’t know if that’s the birth control or the depression.

Honestly, I still don’t think my body has fully grown accustomed to the pill, since I never know when my period begins, but I think that’s partly because I might’ve accidentally taken two pills in one day.

Overall, after spending the first month and a half on my seemingly never-ending period with some of THE WORST nausea I’ve ever experienced (apparently you feel an intensified version of your worst period symptoms when you start birth control for the first time), my period has gotten so much better.

I’ve still experienced the standard period poops and intense cramps, but the shooting pain up my back has diminished. I can feel nauseous, but it will be fleeting; I haven’t thrown up because of my period since July. My flow is slightly more regulated and manageable, which is good when shower time comes.

However, I am still EXTREMELY exhausted during my first two days; like, the motivation to get out of bed (not in the depression way) does not exist. Also, I experience intensified versions of period symptoms about a week and a half before my period actually begins. I don’t know if that helps for when the actual time comes, but it’s a thing that happens.

This wasn’t written to persuade anyone to get on birth control. It’s your body; only you get to decide what you want to do with it. I simply wanted to share my experience.

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