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A Year of Intrusive Thoughts

Exactly one year ago today, at this very time, I shared a list of very random thoughts I wanted to tell my friends but would feel like a burden if I said them out loud.

Well, it’s been exactly a year, and I have even more intrusive thoughts to share.

At this point, we can call this an annual SJ classic. If a year goes by and I don’t share the random thoughts I’ve accumulated over the year, someone make sure I’m okay.

And now for a complete list of my intrusive thoughts, the ones I didn’t share on Threads:

  • I hate the anxiety that comes with giving people oatmeal raisin cookies
  • I feel like I’m about to give birth to a cowboy caviar baby
  • If a guy gives you the hug, he is the one
  • A little girl started crying because she didn’t want to see her dad, and though I resonated, I feel like I should call someone…
  • A young Mike Epps in Next Friday is just absolutely gorgeous
  • Deer pee has such a strong, unique smell. I could taste it. I never want to drive by a deer peeing ever again.
  • All of a sudden, I’m a guacamole girly.
  • I would love it if Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance made it to Just Dance
  • Art is subjective until you work in a creative field. Then it becomes objective because it must meet the standard/style of your employer.
  • I often get Susan B. Anthony and Susan Boyle mixed up.
  • Mayer’s Lemon = if a lemon and an orange had a baby
  • I feel like someone needs to investigate the algorithm for Spotify Wrapped and what’s really going on with the machine
  • Good people deserve to be with good people
  • Imagine… I marry J********** that would be crazy (FUTURE JAMILAH: No because it’s too embarrassing and too out-of-this-world for me to even type his name)
  • Remember when Conan Gray was a YouTuber? Yeah, same
  • Men support men when another man’s ego is being bruised
  • Give me an hour on a phone call, and I’ll start becoming delusional
  • I always know when things are getting bad at work when I’d rather not exist than do my job (COMING FROM MAY 2023 INTERIOR DESIGN JAMILAH)
  • So the Jonas Brothers are now strictly making music about their wives and their relationship with each other… got it
  • Do people who don’t drink alcohol feel weird when others drink alcohol?
  • My awkwardness shines when I have to pick up a Facebook marketplace purchase
  • Stressed, depressed, and tired of being in this mess
  • OMG! The world in Manifest was supposed to end June 2nd so they premiered it on June 2nd… Genius!!!
  • Is life about chasing happiness? It feels like that’s all I’ve been doing
  • Applying to jobs on LinkedIn is like putting something up for sale on Facebook Marketplace; you have to weed through the scammers to get to the good stuff
  • Is it bad that I’m already thinking about going to grad school in 2025?
  • My personality isn’t for everybody, and that’s okay
  • Sometimes I feel like I’m the last to know things becasue people often forget I exist
  • Someone once told me Kirk Franklin is the DJ Khaled of gospel music, and I can’t unhear it every time I hear his voice
  • Why did I aggressively yell “PENNSYLVANIA” when someone asked me if I knew where Transylvania is?
  • I’ve been seeing Annie Murphy everywhere recently, and I love that for her
  • I want to be someone’s favorite person one day
  • Imagine: Nike made shoes with a pointed toe
  • I only followed Selena Gomez on Instagram to keep up with Only Murders in the Building... and to say I once followed the most followed person on Instagram
  • Paul Rudd is better in Only Murders in the Building than Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
  • Laughing my butt off while sick when David actually hits the ball during season five, episode nine of Schitt’s Creek
  • Iiiiiii think it’s time they just go ahead and cancel Euphoria
  • I see Jon Bellion being featured on songs, but where’s his new album?

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