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The Wardrobe of a Young Teacher

The title should actually say “the wardrobe of a teacher who gets confused for being a student,” but that just seemed a little too wordy.

One thing I’ve noticed in my almost-month experience of being in the educational workforce is that I dress very different from the noticeably older teachers. However, I also dress incredibly different from my taller-than-me high school students.

So what does a young teacher like me have in her everyday, educational wardrobe? Good question.

Blazer with Shoulder Pads

I’ve worn this specific blazer in previous Simply Jamilah writings, and I still love it. It looks very old school with the shoulder pads and the coloration, but it also shows off my arm tattoos, which aids in my “I’m young, I’m cool” demeanor. If you have broad shoulders, shoulder pads accentuate them perfectly; trust me, they do not make them look broader or bulkier. Confidence, honey.


The way I am obsessed with these loafers is probably reaching an unhealthy level. I’m not sure the exact brand of them, but I found them in the clearance section of a Tennessee Belk’s. They’re memory foam, which sooths my bony, flat feet. They give the tiniest bit of height. It’s hard to tell in the image, but the rubber sole is a deep brown; the faux suede is black—perfect combination of commonly worn neutrals.

The Basics, Of Course

Honestly, I shouldn’t say “of course” because I’m still working on getting all the necessary basics, but this bodysuit by Lucky Brand is a good start. Although, considering we stood outside in one hundred degree heat for an hour earlier this week (long story), I won’t be wearing it any time soon. I’m sure you’ve heard it a billion times, but I want to be a billion and one: Basics are perfect for layering. Imagine: This bodysuit under the previous navy green blazer with a sexy pair of black jeans. *heart eyes*

Flowy Dress

The picture got cut off, but hopefully it provides an image of its continuous flowy-ness. This dress is also from Belk’s (what we’re learning is department stores are where it’s AT). These are perfect on the days when I have to look nice but can’t be bothered to put any pants on. A student who likes vintage shops complimented my dress, and though I took and loved the compliment, it almost made me feel like she was telling me I look older, which is secretly always the goal.

Something Different

I put the white bodysuit under this sweater vest with some suuuuper flowy pants, and I almost asked myself out in the mirror. Fall weather cannot get here soon enough. I consider this to be something different because I don’t often wear sweater vests; in fact, this is my first one. Horizontal stripes tend to not be the best pattern because they add width instead of height, but since this Plato’s Closet sweater vest feels like a hug from home, I couldn’t care less about the stripes.

Unordinary Jeans

Regular jeans are great and a staple for any closet. However, these jeans covered in bandana patches from a Rue 21 in Gatlinburg, TN have become my regular jeans. They’re a straight leg and hug the thighs without being uncomfortable and inappropriately tight. The waist is pretty high without exposing the ankles at the bottom of my long legs, unlike other jeans. There is a way to wear cool jeans without them having holes, and this is definitely it.

These are just six types of items in my closet I love wearing as a young teacher. The older the item, the older I feel. The more unique the item, the more I feel like the cool interior design teacher.

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