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The Wardrobe of a 24-Year-Old

One of my biggest goals for this year, one that has honestly been on my list since I graduated from college, is to improve my wardrobe.

All I’ve done over the past couple of years is consistently donate things (and thrown away used undergarments). It’s about time I finally add pieces to my wardrobe that suit who Jamilah is now and who Jamilah wants to be.

Before I leave my apartment this upcoming weekend to treat myself to a secondhand shopping spree, I thought I’d share ten things from a 24-year-old’s wardrobe in the year 2023.

Shoes w/ Height

The only two pairs of shoes I own without height are my two workout shoes. Every single pair of shoes I own add some sort of height to my 66.5-inch self, whether it’s an extra five inches like these heels or an inch like the loafers from my teacher’s wardrobe writing.

Unnormal Pants

Pretty sure “unnormal” is not a word… or maybe it is, and I’m just not used to using it. Either way, that’s not relevant. What matters is that I only own one pair of normal jeans, and even then, they’re bootcut and only have one working back pocket. If I can’t find unique shirts, I find unique pants.

Something Yellow

Considering yellow is my favorite color, I think it’s about time I add more of it to my closet than this intense almost-mustard yellow shirt from Forever 21.

Graphic Tees

The perfect thing to throw on without a bra. I tend to gravitate towards Marvel graphic tees or tees for things I know nothing about, like Star Wars.

Cropped Sweatshirts

This cannot be the only one I own. I need to add more, but the problem is every time I try, I can’t find one that’s as comfortable as this one. It’s secondhand from the men’s section at Goodwill (where I no longer shop), and I just chopped the bottom off. It’s quickly becoming my go-to shirt for Valentine’s Day, and I need more in my wardrobe.

Men’s Clothing

Speaking of men’s clothing, I need more of it in my closet. Men’s clothing is so comfortable, but it’s section at thrift stores tends to look more bare compared to the women’s section. Finding quality men’s clothing is not an easy feat.

Revealing Bodysuit

But not too revealing. Just the right amount of skin. I also need more basics in bodysuit form because bodysuits look better under pants and jackets compared to tucking a shirt in. There’s a sense of security when you sit down while wearing a bodysuit.

T-Shirt Dress

Everyone in my Christian family strongly dislikes this men’s t-shirt I wear as a dress, but *shrug*. T-shirt dresses are so easy to wear, especially on my days off when I’m lounging around the house. They’re also great for layering during the transition to the fall season, and considering it’s suddenly fifty-nine degrees Fahrenheit where I live, I need more.

Expressive Outerwear

If everything else about my outfit is simple, I incorporate expressiveness with my outerwear. I remember crying about this jean jacket I got from a Nashville flea market because it is literally so perfect. It fits beautifully and makes people think it’s plain from the front until they see the back.

Cozy Clothing

I only wear things that are comfortable, which makes it so shocking when people compliment my outfits because I’m just chilling in the cloth covering my skin. With that being said, I need more comfortable clothing appropriate for the upcoming seasons. I can count on my two hands how many fall and winter appropriate items I have, which is not a good thing.

My wardrobe is mostly dresses, and to provide some balance in my cramped closet, I need to find more items that possess the same qualities as the ten items listed.

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