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Let’s Talk About Marlon Craft

But in a good way, not in the Regina George, gossipy way.

As I developed a love for my 2023 obsession Nate Traveller, Spotify decided to start playing Marlon Craft, adding to the list of beautiful new artists I fell in love with this year.

Compared to Nate Traveller, Marlon Craft sounds a bit different. There’s a lot more bass to his voice, and given their age differences, you can hear the maturity in Marlon’s voice. Where Nate’s voice is very soothing and chill hop-esque, Marlon is more hard hitting and in your face lyrically and with the production.

These are some of the Marlon Craft songs I’ve had on repeat throughout the year.


Not going to lie, this is the only song that I didn’t pay attention to lyrically. I just really liked the production for this song. A lot of Marlon Craft’s songs have a central theme, which you’ll discover in a second, but I couldn’t quite figure out the central theme for this song. Nevertheless, this is the first song to make it to my monthly playlists when he popped on my radar.

Though I have zero clue what the song is actually about, the lyric “All of that crypto can’t buy you self-worth” sticks out every time I listen to it, and something about that lyric HITS.


“I need a break I been in the grind and I
Been tryin’ for a long time
I ain’t into smilin’, I be cryin’
I be all riled up, got me all tied up
In emotion, I be copin’ at like all times…”

That’s just the beginning of the song. Literally every lyric in this song hits the soul, especially when you’re going through a struggle period in life. When I first heard this song, I low key cried; sometimes music does a better job of articulating our emotions and putting everything into words. This song was that song for me over the summer.


This is my Marlon Craft workout song. I’m pretty sure it’s a song centered around the competitiveness of basketball (especially because a lot of the videos I’ve seen of him involve him wearing a basketball jersey). It’s cool that he was able to make a basketball-centered song without it being super cheesy and cringe.

Since I don’t play basketball, this is more of my hype song when I’m working out… or when I’m driving at 5 in the morning and need an energy boost for work. There’s a lot more swear words as soon as the song begins, but one of my favorite lyrics is “I talk spicy, they don’t like me, they a white kitchen”. Though, the “white kitchen” part of the lyric makes me raise eyebrows.

End Is Near

My anxiety levels were spiking the more I heard this song, so I had to cut myself off. Considering the state of the world and people’s priorities, this song is incredibly appropriate. Some lyrics make me believe it’s about the end of the world, like, “False notions of fairness//Lost, hopeless, and careless”. Other lyrics make me want to think about his career in the industry and questioning if it’s worth it? Truly, I do not know.

Now that I’ve semi-introduced you to the New York native rapper Marlon Craft, I highly recommend giving his music a listen. He’s another one of those artists that raps about things that are real and relevant; I encourage you to fill your ears with more real music.

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