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Top Travel Eats #3

Round three! Let’s go!

Although, this go around, I completely failed at making sure I kept the pictures of the new foods I’ve tried, so there’s only four new eats instead of five (and there were originally seven).

Covington, KY

Frida 602

My Order: Beef Bowl

My Love: I literally talk about Frida 602 all the time. Like, someone is going to have to tape my mouth shut and remove Frida 602 from my brain. The restaurant has just over four stars on Google, but I literally can’t stop thinking about the food (don’t know what that says about my taste buds). In the past, I’ve raved about the cheese dip, but this bowl… speechless. It puts the barbacoa bowl from Chipotle to actual shame. Yes, I am already thinking about a spontaneous road trip to eat it again.

Charlotte, NC

Bleu Barn

My Order: Barn Burger

My Love: Another sunny side up egg on the perfect burger. Something about the arugula and the garlic aioli works so beautifully with the beef, bacon, and cheese. I remember eating this burger and doing my best to make it last as long as humanly possible. I went to the Bleu Barn located in North End, and the vibes were immaculate.

Nashville, TN

Bag Lady’s Fry Joint

My Order: It’s a Tennessee Thang

My Love: Shout out to my friend for introducing me to one of the greatest gifts my tongue could ever ask for. I don’t know if the picture is doing justice how big the bowl was; it was impossible for me to finish it in one sitting. This dish showed me that loaded fries can keep you full for literally twenty-four hours. The brisket with the avocado and the barbecue sauce was so freaking fantastic. There are several restaurants I want to go to during my next trip to Tennessee, and this is one of them.

Cary, NC

Koi Ramen

My Order: ???

My Love: Truly have no idea what I ordered, but for this being my first time eating Ramen, it was freaking DELICIOUS. Was I a basic American who could not figure out the chopsticks for the life of me? Absolutely. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be an American, but this is not one of those times; eating with the fork made it all easier. No matter what, I would definitely order this again, and I now want to try other places’ Ramen.

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