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Two half•alive Concerts Later

One of the most memorable things I’ve been able to do this year is experience seeing half•alive twice in concert, less than six months apart. I think my second time watching them perform was better than the first time.


The first time I saw half•alive live was during my 48-hour trip to Charlotte, NC. It was my first time in the city, and I fully plan on going back as soon as spring break arrives.

Going back to the trio, I ended up next to the stage when I arrived. I totally missed the opening song, but I did enjoy seeing a small look at behind-the-scenes, especially for the transitions in between songs. Also, I appreciate Josh Taylor, the lead singer, putting in an effort to make sure those of us stuck on the side of the stage were included in the concert. As in, there was a brief moment where we saw the front of his head.

The overall experience wasn’t bad, but I definitely learned my lesson with parking and cutting it close to arriving. The Charlotte concert showed me I need to dive deeper into the album, memorizing more of the songs and paying attention to the lovely lyrics (which I totally did; I am almost at “stan” status).

I don’t know who the opener was for part one of the Conditions of a Punk Tour; I just remember she had yellow hair.


As for the second part of the COAP Tour, the opener was Thomas Headon, and he was quite memorable. Thomas Headon is an attractive Englishman who does fantastic crowd-work and has my sense of humor. He sang the rock version of Hannah Montana’s “Best of Both Worlds,” and it lives in my head rent-free.

Despite the change in openers for the second part of the tour, there was still a lengthy wait time between when the opener finished and when the band came on stage. It was almost an hour, which is the longest I’ve had to wait (so far) in between musicians at a concert.

For the Raleigh concert, the crowd was a lot smaller, so it was a lot easier to get to the front of the stage. I wasn’t in the pit or anything like that, but I could actually see the opening song this go around.

The band has a segment where they let someone from the audience talk to a man in an old school phone. It was a younger girl at the Charlotte concert. At the Raleigh concert, a gentleman came dressed as Waldo and stood in the far back; he was selected to speak to the unknown person on the phone. This man literally walked to the front, did the segment, and disappeared. Like, I didn’t see him exit (because I was standing by the exit for quick access when the concert was over), but I also didn’t see him move to the other side of the venue. The group he talked to stayed in the same spot, but I never saw him after the small comedic relief.

It was weird.

The only differences I noticed between the two concerts is they incorporated their new single “Subliminal” in their Raleigh concert. There was also a change in the dancers for the second concert; this go around, there was a Black guy with curly hair who could do more tricks (I don’t know his name, so that’s the only way I know to identify him).

I splurged at the second concert and bought the Conditions of a Punk vinyl (It’s blue!!!). I am still coping with the forty dollars I spontaneously dropped. Despite watching the same concert twice, I still cannot tire myself of listening to half•alive’s music.

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