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A Love Letter to My Couch

To my Blue Beauty,

I made buying a couch the biggest deal when I moved to North Carolina… and now I’m selling it, not even a year after purchasing it.

You were a great depression purchase, but considering I can’t fully stretch out, it was a rushed purchase.

Granted, you gave me the best depression naps. For a short period of time, you were my bed when the squirrel paranoia took over and I refused to sleep in my own bed.

Despite all the chaos happening around you (and behind you on the gallery wall), you still managed to stand out.

I’ve always dreamed of having a blue couch, and now I think I’ve had my fill. Honestly, I might get another one in the future. Like, when I’m married and have a house big enough for me to have my own office.

Blue Beauty, you are going to a beautiful home with two people who are committed to loving you longer than I did. They’re so committed they drove an hour and a half and sat in traffic for over twenty minutes just to come get you.

Saying goodbye to my couch is like saying goodbye to my first North Carolina apartment, which I will be doing in less than two months. To say I am excited would be an understatement. I’m ready to put the wall squirrels and two hours of sunlight behind me.

As excited as I am for the next chapter and all the big, beautiful changes about to happen in my life, I will miss you dearly Blue Beauty.

I’m glad Facebook could give you a new home.

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