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A Little More Like Gerry

*This is a book review of Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Sophie Cousens.

Quick Facts

Author: Sophie Cousens
Release Date: November 9, 2021
Genre: Romance, fiction
Main Characters: Laura & Ted
Number of Pages: 416
SJ Rating: 58%

The Synopsis

After being inspired by her parents’ fairytale, Laura takes a business trip to Jersey for a research article. Things quickly go awry when she accidentally picks up a suitcase that does not belong to her—a suitcase with belongings that match her dream man. During her quest to find the elusive One, Laura finds a lot more than she bargained for.

The Good

I love the subtle nod to This Time Next Year, a book I hardly remember, on page six.

The doubts and what ifs the female lead has about never meeting The One is totally me.

Gerry reminds me of my great-grandmother, someone I could listen to for hours. He is very soothing and has such a positive outlook on life despite dealing with Parkinson’s and the loss of his wife. I’m glad there’s a character like him to share wisdom, make the reader think, and stimulate growth in the characters.

I appreciate the letters being dispersed throughout the book instead of all back-to-back once Laura gets ahold of them.

The Bad

Besides this being a romance, there are touches of unnecessary feminism throughout, especially with the Tiger Woman book Vanya, one of Laura’s friends, gave her to read. It feels like the author is trying to throw it in our face to prove a point.

Her nicknames for people are decently immature and childish (Hotty McFace, Beardy McCastaway, Bee Man Keith—why can’t he just be Keith?).

The sex scene was honestly random and very unnecessary. The book would have progressed nicely without it.

The Overall

There is something about Sophie Cousens books that is very… boring. The only reason I flew through this book is so I could return it to the library. The ending was draaaaged out; it went on thirty pages longer than it needed to.

Despite this, there is a heartwarming element to the story, especially as Laura gets to know the people in Ted’s life.

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“Maybe it was easier to be happy for other people when I felt my own soulmate might be just around the corner, but I keep turning corners, and no one is ever there.”

– Laura

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