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A Merry Romance Read

*This is a book review of The Christmas Fix by Lucy Score.

Quick Facts

Author: Lucy Score
Release Date: December 1, 2017
Genre: Romance, fiction
Main Characters: Catalina King & Noah Yates
Number of Pages: 390
SJ Rating: 87%

The Synopsis

After a catastrophic hurricane sweeps the sweet town of Merry, Connecticut under water, Catalina King does everything she can to help the small town, including ambushing the city manager Noah Yates until she gets a “yes.” Noah does everything he can to keep Cat from fulfilling her promise to the city, but as the tension grows between the two, is it an intense hatred or an intense attraction?

The Good

We get straight into the plot, which is something I always appreciate. However, I feel like the first chapter should’ve been called “Prologue” instead of “Chapter One”. It would have made more sense for the flow of the story.

Character wise, I like that Cat is very fierce and blunt but also has a really good heart. She low key reminds me of myself and the way I say things. Like, certain things sound mean, but they’re coming from a good place.

Noah wanting to go to school instead of home on a snow day is literally me. Some days, I absolutely loved getting extra time at home, and other days, I preferred being literally anywhere else.

That first kiss was STEAMY, and I absolutely loved it. The author went into just the right amount of detail with it. With that being said, chapter twenty-nine starts the steam, and it doesn’t let up for a few chapters after that. If you’re not into spice or reading about sex, this might not be the book for you. Personally, I don’t mind as long as it’s relevant to the plot.

Random, but the Black joke Drake said on page 125 had me cackling. Another moment that had me audibly laughing is when the guys are having a guys night, and they had to replace the “F” expletive with “funk” for fear of Gabby’s first word being the expletive.

One thing I really, really loved about this book is the double epilogues. I love a good epilogue, let alone two.

The Bad

Knowing Things We Never Got Over (my next Lucy Score read) is written in first person pov, I was shocked and a little disappointed to see this one was written in third person pov. I definitely think this is one that needed to be first person pov.

For this book being as physically big as it is, I was expecting a lot more detail when we got to the Christmas Festival. Cat was very focused on proving Noah wrong about making the Christmas Festival a grand event, but the lack of detail didn’t make it feel so grand.

The Overall

This book is addicting. It had me ignoring all of my responsibilities. When I should’ve been grading papers, I was reading The Christmas Fix.

Is this a book I’m going to read again? More than likely not, but it did get me excited about reading other Lucy Score books, especially those written in first person pov.

Next book to be read and reviewed: Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez

“Marriage is not the answer to literally every problem in the world.”

– Cat King

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