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Love Showed Up

*This is a book review of Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez.

“‘The truest sacrifices are the ones no one knows anything about.'”

– Jacob

Quick Facts

Author: Abby Jimenez
Release Date: April 11, 2023
Genre: Contemporary romance, fiction
Main Characters: Briana Ortiz & Jacob Maddox
Number of Pages: 417
SJ Rating: 98%

The Synopsis

Dr. Briana Ortiz, everyone’s fave ER physician at Royaume hospital, has reached a new low in life. Between finalizing her divorce, dealing with her brother’s renal failure, and being haunted by her childhood home, her life has lost all brightness. Well, until Dr. Jacob Maddox enters the scene. His presence stirs the pot at work before it stirs Briana’s heart, and it all starts with a broken phone.

The Good

Briana and Jacob have my entire heart. Wow wow wow.

I love the letters they share with each other. I know that’s the whole premise of the book, but I truly love the way they’re written and the tone they have. They’re incredibly romantic.

Briana mentioning Schitt’s Creek made me so happy. The fact that Jacob started watching it for her made me even happier. It became their show, and I sighed with lovestruck, you guessed it, happiness.

Jacob is just so cute and loveable and aaahhh. I have the biggest crush on him. Briana hit the nail on the head when she said he is “too pure for this earth.” Him changing his phone password to match Briana’s sent my heart into a spiral. The way he’s so down bad for her that he would literally change his last name to hers gives me the good kind of heart palpitations.

Furthermore, I find it [the good kind of] interesting that Jacob is an ER doctor accustomed to death but has bad anxiety; it almost feels paradoxical. Jacob with his anxiety is me with my anxiety (sometimes), and I have never felt so seen. Like, when he says, “Maybe this was my life now, just existing and hating every minute of it.”

To make Jacob even more lovable, he named his dog after a Forrest Gump character. Awwww.

I have to give Briana some hype too. I personally love how petty Briana is; my favorite language is petty, and she exposes it all on page 266.

With Briana, there was a moment when I was almost in tears. I saw so much of what could be my future self in Briana, and I got a little scared. It’s nice when a fictional book makes you think and realize the steps you need to take to see the change you desire. Reading about someone who has your same level of trust issues is very jarring.

For the actual writing, I cheered because this is alternating first person pov… I love it!! I love getting both main characters’ stories from a first person perspective. Besides the povs given, I also like that the author continuously name dropped her bakery, Nadia Cakes.

The Bad

This book would be perfect if Jacob and Briana’s siblings weren’t into each other. Whenever that happens in books and movies, I get the biggest ick.

The Overall

This book is appropriately paced for a slow burn for two adults in their 30s, and I love everything about it.

This is a book I want to read over and over again. Abby Jimenez won my heart like she won the Food Network competition. Now I must read all of her other works.

Next book to be read and reviewed: Love Redesigned by Lauren Asher

“How could I be lovable when I wasn’t even likable?”

– Jacob

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