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Shopping a Teenager’s Wardrobe

Can I still shop in the teen section at every store to exist because my face and body scream “SIXTEEN”? Yes. Absolutely.

Do I shop in those sections? For the most part, no. In fact, I hardly go clothes shopping. I shop based on the number of available hangers I have, and since I only have three shirt hangers available and have been able to wear the same things for almost four years, there’s been no need to go on a massive shopping spree at the mall.

With that being said, I will definitely go on a shopping spree in my teenage cousin’s closet. She’s the wonderful age of seventeen, and besides her being one size smaller than me in most jeans, we can wear the same size clothing (my feet are way larger than hers, but that’s an insecurity for a different day).

While I was in Tennessee over the Christmas holiday, my cousin said she filled two garbage bags with clothes to donate. I told her I needed to shop before the bags left the house. Most of what I got were the shorts made of sweatpants material from the H&M men’s section and workout tops, but there are a few out-of-the-house items I’ve been styling.

Colorful Shorts

This is such an easy breezy outfit, and it makes me excited for spring. Like, I can imagine myself fighting the wind in this outfit and looking good while doing it. The shirt is one I wear during any season that isn’t summer; it works for the spring and fall because of its lightweight material. In the winter, it serves as a layering piece.

The orange shirt is secondhand, and I’m pretty sure the sandals are from Belk’s.

Beige Capris with Paint Splatters

Because there are red and white paint splatters on one leg (promise it’s not blood), I thought this loose men’s button down would work really good tucked into the pants. The best way I can describe the pants are like boxy capris, and since they expose skin, I think a short sleeve would look good for showing skin on the upper body. The loafers add to the relaxed casualness of the fit.

The men’s shirt is from Goodwill (before I stopped shopping there), and the loafers are from Belk’s.

Cropped Pink Sweater

I promise I don’t like pink, but I love the way this cardigan feels. Plus, it exposes just the right amount of skin in the torso area, and the sleeves are relaxed enough to show the right amount of shoulder. Though it appears decently casual, this is definitely a date outfit for me.

The pants are Pretty Little Thing purchased from Plato’s Closet, and the shoes are from Just Fab (a gift).

Venom T-Shirt

This shirt looks so good with the white bodysuit. I wore this outfit one day with jeans instead of the black pants and got so many compliments. The second I saw this XL shirt with my cousin’s donations, I knew I had to claim it. Knowing her love for Hot Topic, I’m sure that’s where she got it. I feel like the pinstripe pants dress it up a little bit, especially when the shirt is tucked in, but it’s still a casual outfit.

The bodysuit is Lucky Brand from Belk’s, pants are secondhand from a thrift store in Tennessee, and boots are from Target.

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