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A Love Story for Designers

*This is a book review of Love Redesigned by Lauren Asher.

Quick Facts

Author: Lauren Asher
Release Date: November 7, 2023
Genre: Romance, new adult fiction
Main Characters: Dahlia & Julian
Number of Pages: 528
SJ Rating: 89%

The Synopsis

Ten years have passed, and Dahlia returns home to Lake Wisteria in search of herself after a failed engagement. Who she finds, however, is humble billionaire Julian, the man who loves nothing more than challenging Dahlia—and the man who broke her heart.

The Good

I really appreciate that there is a content warning with a QR code before you get into the book. The QR code takes you to the warning in greater detail. Part of the warning says, “This love story contains explicit content and topics that may be sensitive to some readers,” and it was very needed because things get EXPLICIT.

Right after the content warning, there is a map of the city the story is taking place in. The next page is the dedication, which says “To those whose love language is words of affirmation.” I’ve already discussed my relationship with words of affirmation, but I thought that was a beautiful, simple dedication.

Furthermore, I love that the author put the English translation of the Spanish words at the bottom of every page the Spanish words are used for the first time. That alone made me almost want to keep the book, especially if I decide to stick to my goal of relearning Spanish one day.

Dahlia has trust issues, anxiety, depression, struggles with controlling her emotions, and is an interior designer. Besides knowing Spanish, she is literally me. The way Julian calls Dahlia out for her trust issues was both swoon worthy and had me in self-defense mode.

I like the character development for both Julian and Dahlia. Both have their own issues, and though I don’t think they’re written/expressed well, I like the progress we see with both journeys.

A random sentence from the book that made me laugh: “I wouldn’t be surprised if the gutter started charging me rent with how often my mind hangs out there.”

I like that this book is tied to Lauren Asher’s previous book series with the three handsome brothers. Discovering this made me want to check it out, no matter what I feel about this particular book.

The Bad

I feel like there are some sentences that are poorly written, like when Julian says “‘That’s a good idea after how you drooled all over the floor.'”

I’m not going to share an image because of the explicitness of the page, but on page 384, there is two of the same paragraph.

Also, I’m not the biggest fan of the way the author portrayed Dahlia’s depression and anxiety and the insecurities Julian consistently mentions having. It was lacking a lot of real life accuracy, especially on the depression side.

The Overall

Sexually, things went from zero to one hundred in a way I was not prepared for, even with the warning at the beginning of the book. Of course, it started with the cliche One Bed scene.

I don’t think I mentally bounced back, to be honest.

Though this is a book I don’t plan on holding on to, I am interested in reading the series about the Kane brothers.

Next book to be read and reviewed: Family Lore by Elizabeth Acevedo

“‘If you have to change yourself to fit someone’s ideal version of you, then that’s not love.'”

– Julian

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