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A Classic Student Athlete Rom Com

*This is a book review of Icebreaker by Hannah Grace.

Quick Facts

Author: Hannah Grace
Release Date: November 22, 2022
Genre: Romance, sports fiction
Main Characters: Anastasia Allen & Nathan Hawkins
Number of Pages: 429
SJ Rating: 90%

The Synopsis

After a stupid revenge prank, the hockey team at University of California, Maple Hills, are forced to share a rink with the figure skaters. Anastasia Allen has worked her entire life to be the best figure skater possible, and she refuses to have her plans derailed by the hockey team, led by Nathan Hawkins. Meanwhile, Nate does everything he can to charm Anastasia and get on her good side. When the electricity sparks between the two, is it as frenemies or lovers?

The Good

Nathan is watching Suits on page fifty-two, and I love everything about it. I just had to start off with this information because I am almost done watching the series.

Speaking of the word “start,” I really like the playlist at the very beginning of the book. These are the small details that put a smile on my face, just like the emojis added to the texts; they’re always so refreshing.

The title is genius. It both explains the moment things started [over] for the main characters and explains how they ended up in the same vicinity (slash what problem occurred to encourage forced proximity). I love how many plays on the word “icebreaker” are present; like, when Anastasia falls through the ice on the lake.

As weird as this may sound, it was nice seeing a healthy friends-with-benefits relationship that doesn’t lead to love. I’ve never seen that in a book or movie. Though, it does get a little uncomfortable as they (Ryan—side character—and Anastasia) explore relationships with other people.

Per usual, I found relatability in the female lead. Anastasia not making the best decisions because of fear of rejection is definitely me (I’ve talked about it plenty on this blog); her judgement is clouded in these moments because she wants to protect herself. Also, her dressing up as JJ for Halloween to piss Nate off is the level of petty I hope to achieve some day.

I like the way this is written, how each character and their backstory is introduced; it’s perfect. Furthermore, I like the diversity in the characters. For example, JJ is pansexual and from India, and Robbie is wheelchair bound but still living his best life.

Alternating pov written in first person is the only way I can read romance books now, and I am so happy this book is written that way. I don’t think it would be as good written any other way.

The Bad

The innocence of the cover does not match the story AT ALL. The whole thing gives heavy Wattpad energy, to the point where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep going at certain moments. It was about to be on the same level of Ugly Love.

The Overall

To be honest, getting into the PWHL made me want to read the book I said I would never read. Overall, it was a cute read; it’s not something I plan on reading again.

The best thing about this book is watching Anastasia heal her toxic relationship with food; it’s something I resonate with.

Still, I definitely don’t think I’ll be reading any more Hannah Grace books after this one, but it definitely wasn’t the worst thing I’ve read (I’m looking at you Family Lore).

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