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March 2024 Wellness Update

It is both exciting and unbelievable that we are already in March. I am so ready for longer days of sun; now I just need outdoor furniture to enjoy the nice weather at my own home, but that’s a different story for a different day.

February Recap:

At the end of the month, I had just started going to the gym and trying to establish a routine. I was struggling with growing pains and the wonderful quarter-life crisis people talk about.

Now for March:

Physically, I finally have some sort of routine!! It was definitely refined the last week of March. I try to go to the gym three times a week; one day is spent on arms and back, on legs and glutes, and strictly on my core. However, someone has figured out my early morning hours of going to the gym, and other people in my apartment complex are going to the gym the same time I do, which means I might need to join a gym… Planet Fitness? I don’t know; I’m still flirting with this idea. Furthermore, I’ve really gotten into running, and I have no idea where the desire to run came from. It’s very challenging for my endurance but so peaceful for my mind; my goal is to do a 5k, or something similar, in the fall. Though I only work out at the gym three times a week, the other two days out of a five-day work week include Pilates. The routines I’ve established for Monday through Friday decently vary, but no matter what, I either do Pilates at home or Just Dance in the evening. I have a dream of being semi-rich one day and doing workout classes in the evenings, but that’s a “someday” sort of thing.

Mentally, the anxiety and depression have been insanity. Like, to the point where I’m not sure if the growing pains were actually growing pains or depression. I started working on the steps to join the provided EAP program, which is supposed to be a mental health resource; I will definitely follow up on this. There was also a semi-emotional conversation with a family member last month that pretty much solidified I need to get the prescription for antidepressants and actually pick it up. I’m scared for what it will do for my libido, but I need to do something.

Emotionally, I need a hug. The stresses of being a teacher and the doom of summer is trying to overshadow the joy of longer, sunnier days. I am hoping for a financial breakthrough because I am happy, in a way, and I know I am on the right track to being consistently happier and emotionally balanced. Also, I think trying to switch careers (maybe start my own business?) will do a lot for me emotionally and mentally than being a high school teacher.

Though the days are getting longer, it feels like spring and winter are battling it out for who will reign. The sun is out, but the temperature is struggling to rise, at least at a consistent rate.

March is destined to be an interesting month.

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